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Vegan Birthday Cake

Vegan birthday cake is made up of non-animal related products. It is great for any occasions and rather easy to make one.

Vegan birthday cakes are cakes that have been created without the use of eggs or dairy products. It is also essential that the cakes are not made using other animal products that often get overlooked. This includes cochineal cake coloring, honey that is sometimes used as a sweetener and gelatin that may appear in some shop-bought cake fillings. This does not mean that birthday cakes suitable for a vegan diet will be boring. Cocoa, fruits, nuts and many other ingredients can all be added to make a very special birthday cake. Even those following a raw food diet can make a cake from raw food ingredients free from animal products.

Vegan birthday cakes make a great addition to a celebration. They are ideal for vegans and for people who follow a dairy and egg free diet.

Leading a vegan diet needn’t mean leading an austere diet. A vegan birthday or celebration cake can be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike and can be a healthy alternative to dairy and egg laden alternatives.

Vegan cakes are easy to bake at home. This allows you to create a cake that is tailored to your tastes, while also giving you complete control over the ingredients used. Many traditional birthday cake recipes can be converted to vegan recipes by substituting dairy and other non-vegan ingredients with vegan alternatives. No birthday cake would be complete without some form of frosting! Happily there are many ways to make great vegan frosting that is the perfect finish to a vegan birthday or celebration cake. Simple frosting can be made by substituting vegetable margarine or oil for butter in traditional recipes. Cream cheese frostings can me made using non-dairy cream cheese substitutes. A vegan birthday cake has the potential to make a birthday that little bit extra special.

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