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Transformer Birthday Cake

Transformer birthday cake tends to be a trend nowadays in celebrating kids’ birthday. Many different designs and patterns can be found and made for this kind of theme. Some examples include the use of Transformer’s characters such as the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

Transformer Birthday Cakes

Transformers have become a common word in children’s vocabulary after the creation of several television shows and movies dedicated to the toys. The imaginary machines can change from cars to large fighting warriors within seconds. Transformers are adored by many children and make the perfect subject for a birthday cake. With the amount of paraphernalia surrounding the toys, transformer shaped baking pans can be found at many specialty cooking stores.

Transformer Birthday Cake

“Bumblebee” is one of the prominent characters in the “Transformers” series. To create a Bumblebee cake, use a sheet cake and simply draw the image of the yellow “Autobot” on the top. Use a picture as a reference point and use black icing to create the lines and yellow icing to colour the Transformer. Use ball sprinkles or icing to create the silver portions of Bumblebee. You also can use a small Bumblebee toy as a cake topper. Create a road image on a sheet cake with dark grey or black icing. Add a yellow line and some green grass on the sides. Use small die-cast cars to complete the look.

Transformers Birthday Cake Ideas

“Optimus Prime” is the leader of the Autobots and is a good choice for a “Transformers” character cake. Wilton makes an Optimus Prime cake pan. Use this pan to create a cake and use blue, red and silver to fill in the details. You also can build an Optimus Prime cake by stacking small round cakes and sculpting them into the shape of the robot’s head. Use icing and skewers to secure the stacks. Use cereal treats to help sculpt the pointed front of the mask (nose and mouth area) and create the egg-shaped eyes. Cover the cake with blue and silver frosting. Use edible silver dust (available at craft and baking stores) to create a metallic look.

Transformer Birthday Cake 1

Symbols of the Autobots and their enemy alien robots, the Decepticons, make good images for a “Transformers” character cake. Find the logos on product packaging or the Internet. Let half of the cake represent the Autobots by drawing their logo on it and designate the other half of a sheet cake to the Decepticons. Create an Autobot or Decepticon cake by finding a picture of their logo and laying it on top of a sheet cake. Trace around the image with a knife to remove excess cake. Use the photo as a guide in filling in the space and decorating it with icing in appropriate colours.

Transformer Birthday Cake 2

You can use a car-shaped cake mould to prepare any of the “pretransformed” Transformers. These can be decorated in bright colours. You can buy Transformers action figures to scatter around the cakestand. The car cake will look like a Transformer waiting to change. You can also look for a robot cake mould and decorate the robot to look like Optimus Prime. This mould could be reused for fun Halloween cakes, like a Frankenstein or a real robot.

Transformer Birthday Cake 3

Cupcake cakes are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of kids parties, and they can be great for character cakes like Transformers. Even though the bottom of the cake is made of cupcakes, these cakes have a smooth icing layer on top that is perfect for decorating. Kids also love to pull off individual cupcakes from the cake. If you are short on time, many grocery stores and bakeries carry children’s cakes with their favourite characters. When choosing the right Transformers party cake from a store, keep in mind that some stores can airbrush the design onto the cake with edible ink, but some also use plastic cake toppers. You can also get custom cakes featuring stand-up characters or 3-D logos from bakeries if you order your cake in advance.

Transformers Birthday Cake

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