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Toy Story Birthday Cake Part 2

Instead of a “

Toy Story” cake, make these easy green alien cupcakes for your guests to enjoy. Add a few drops of neon green food coloring to white frosting and ice the cupcakes. Use 3 small white marshmallows to make eyes and add dots of black gel icing for the pupils. Cut green apple sour straws or green licorice into 2-inch pieces, and add one piece to each cupcake for an antenna. Make ears out of green gum or green apple belts cut into small leaf shapes.

If your child can’t decide which character he likes the most, make a “Toy Story” cake as a tribute to both. Bake a cake using either a round or rectangular pan. Decorate one side with light brown icing and a fondant cactus plant to give it a western feel, and add a Woody cake topper to that side. Prepare the opposite side with blue icing, yellow stars and a Buzz Lightyear cake topper. Party guests will love choosing a piece of cake from their favorite side.

If you aren’t an expert cake decorator, you can still make a really cute cake with these ideas. Bake your own rectangular or round cake and ice it with white frosting, or simply buy a plain iced cake from a bakery. Then simply add store-bought “Toy Story” cake toppers or edible cake images to the top. Colored sprinkles and birthday candles will help give your cake a festive touch.

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