Toy Story Birthday Cake Part 1

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Toy Story Birthday Cake Part 1

Toy story birthday cake can have many different types based on the movie’s characters as well as scenes on the movie.

One of the neat things about the Toy Story movies is that they show kids how to flex their imaginations and make up tales about their toys. Remind them of this, and then give the kids some free playtime with the toys they brought from home. They might come up with clever adventures that their toys embark upon together.

There are many options for you to choose based on the movie. If you are feeling creative, make a cake that looks like Andy’s bed. An easy way to start is with two rectangular cakes, one smaller than the other. Cover the larger cake in brown icing resembling for the floor. Then place the smaller cake on top at an angle to make Andy’s bed. Ice the cake with blue frosting and pipe yellow frosting stars on it to look like Andy’s bedspread. Top it off with Woody and Buzz cake toppers or plastic figurines.

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