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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cakes

Sweet sixteen birthday cakes are one of the most popular presents for a sixteen teenager. Various designs and patterns are suitable for this kind of theme. Some examples include the musical theme, Hollywood theme, as well as the sports theme.

At most parties, regardless of the occasion, the cake takes centre stage. For a Sweet 16 party, this is especially true, so you want to make sure that your cake is a real standout. You need a cake that enhances and accentuates your theme, rather than introducing a foreign and new idea into the mix.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cake

If your party has a musical theme, consider tasking your baker with creating a cake that looks like your favourite musical instrument. A guitar or a piano are fairly easy to make from a standard sheet cake. If you want a cake that has tiers, consider having a drum set constructed from fondant and frosting. Another option is to have a simple tier cake baked and iced in white, then decorated with a mock musical score along the sides.

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Many bakeries have the ability to print a photograph onto a cake using a special sugar printing process. If you used photo invitations to kick off your Sweet 16, it would only be fitting to have a cake that also features a picture of you. Use the same photo as your invitation, or a different shot from that same photo shoot. A cake with your image emblazoned on it will serve to pull the whole theme together.

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If you are going for a glamorous Hollywood theme for your Sweet 16, you need a cake that is equally glamorous. Order a cake that looks like a stack of film canisters, with a ribbon of fondant film cascading down the front. If you don’t have access to a baker who can pull off this look, then consider a sheet cake, iced and airbrushed to look like the Hollywood Hills. Using white letter candles that are available at any party store, write out the word “Hollywood” to mimic the iconic Hollywood sign.

Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

A tiered cake is a suitable choice for a boy’s Sweet Sixteen because it is a dramatic cake fit to serve a large guest list. To avoid creating a cake that looks like a wedding cake, stack angled tiers to create a topsy-turvy tiered cake. For a smooth finish, opt for a tiered cake wrapped in fondant–choose a dark colour for a masculine look. Decorate the cake in groups of 16. For example, cut out miniature number 16s from gum paste to decorate each tier. For something more subtle, cut out or pipe 16 stars, circles or spirals on to the tiers. Top the cake with a large number 16 made from oversized candles or fondant-wrapped crispy rice treats.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cakes

Sixteen Candles was a 1980s movie classic celebrating the milestones and emotions of 16-year olds. Bring back the classic with a ’80s, Sixteen Candles themed cake. Dye fondant or butter cream with neon food colouring. Make various colours, such as pink, orange, blue, green or yellow. Decorate a simple round cake with bright neon colour fondant or butter cream polka dots. If the teen is a girly girl, make a frilly cake, similar to the one at the end of the movie and reminiscent of the main character’s puffy sleeved dress. Cover a round cake in white frosting. Use a pastry bag to create ruffles of frosting around the edges. Don’t forget to add 16 candles to the top of the cake.

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You can also create a cake that celebrates the personal interests of your teen. If he plays sports, make the cake in the shape of a football, volleyball or other item. If she plays music, decorate the cake to look music sheets or an instrument. You can make a small main cake, with 16 smaller cupcakes to sit around the main cake. Draw a little image, such as a goalposts or music symbols on each cupcake.

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