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Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

Throughout history, a girl’s 16th birthday has been a time of great celebration of a young woman coming of age. The parties were designed to celebrate the passage of the young woman now old enough to be married and have children. While we no longer feel that 16 years old makes a child old enough to marry, the tradition of a large party still exists. Regardless of history, the fact remains that a young woman’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party is a memorable milestone in her young history, and will most likely be the most celebrated birthday of her entire life.

There are many types of designs and decorations for a sweet 16 birthday cake. Depending on your creativity, you can opt for violet and black or magenta and black combination for birthday cakes for girls. Sweet 16 birthday cakes for boys can be ordered in colors like dark blue and black, dark blue and white or green and yellow. Even if you use cool colors like pink, or lemon yellow which are liked by many girls, make sure that you combine them with a fresh shade. 16th birthday cakes must be vibrant.

While a round shaped or square-shaped cake is a very common idea, why not think different! Opt for a unique and weird shape. A cute 16th birthday cake idea is to have a Barbie doll shaped cake to impress the birthday girl. How about your child’s favorite car? Yes, a racer car shaped cake can make a wonderful birthday cake for boys. A racing track cake is another extreme idea that you can think of. Decorative edges and mixed flavors is a good option for making lovely birthday cakes. How about your kid’s favorite music instrument? Ever wondered how perfect a guitar-shaped cake would be, for a teen who loves playing it? Go for it! Similarly, think about your child’s favorite sport because who else knows it right! A tennis bat, hockey stick or a football cake with the right colors can add excitement to the party.

If your birthday girl is a fashion lover, some accessories can be added to the cake decoration designs to make them most beautiful. Get on a necklace and earring design to highlight the cake decoration. And, how about a trendy handbag or a purse shaped cake? One of the birthday cake ideas for girls is embracing it with ribbons and bead shaped icing.

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