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Superman Birthday Cake

The classic super hero, Superman and has been remade many times of the years along with his many other super hero friends like Superwoman, Supergirl, Batman and Robin, and even the Flash. He’s gone from the Kansas farm boy to the big city reporter and back again in many recent Superman shows. Some have featured him working on his own; others have connected the superhero with the Justice League and other groups of super heroes working to keep the world safe.

You can also update this great super hero for your kid’s party. Superman is traditionally shown wearing red and blue with the bright yellow ‘S’ emblazoned on his chest, use these colors to decorate your party and search for paper party supplies like plates and tablecloths in this theme if you want to go with the classic Superman look. A more modern superman theme would focus on his nickname as the ‘man of steel’ and you can find there are plenty of party supplies out there with a metallic Superman logo against a black background for this theme. You can continue the theme by decorating the party area in black and silver. Give your guests and indication of what a modern Superman party you are holding by sending out invitations with the same ‘Man of Steel’ theme.

Foods for your Superman party can be the same for both a classic and a modern theme. Give the kids Superman ice-cream and frosted cake. The frosting color will vary according to the theme, black and silver for the modern party, red and blue for the classic one. You can also make up long narrow cookies and frost them with grey frosting to make ‘steel bars’ for the kids to have fun munching on. Don’t forget a pizza with the toppings spelling out the letter S for Superman.

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