Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cakes

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Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cakes

Strawberry shortcake birthday cakes can be decorated with a numbers of steps.

Strawberry Shortcake was initially developed by a greeting card company and grew into a line of children’s toys and a 1980s cartoon series popular with young children.

For decorating the cake, bake three different-sized round cakes (8 inch, 6 inch, and 4 inch) following the directions on the box. Then, frost all three of the cakes with vanilla icing. Place the 8-inch cake on a serving plate, and then place the 6-inch cake on top. Then stack the 4-inch cake on top of that one. Next, use green, pink, and red food coloring to dye the vanilla frosting different colors. Pipe the frosting onto each of the layers of cake to decorate it. On one layer, pipe red polka dots all around the cake. On another layer, pipe green and pink stripes all around the cake. On the third layer of the cake, decorate small red and green strawberries onto the cake. You can then top the cake with a Strawberry Shortcake cake topper.

You can decorate Strawberry Shortcake’s hat by placing seven strawberry halves where the cake form indicates. Fill in the collar, sleeve and hat ribbon using the star technique with red icing in a bag fitted with a number 16 tip. Make Strawberry Shortcake’s hair with the red icing by using the e-technique. To do this, hold the tip of the bag at a 45 degree angle and squeeze a short line of icing in the shape of a cursive letter “e” and then by pulling the tip away from the cake. Switch the red icing bag to number 3 tips and place 4 dots on each of Strawberry Shortcake’s cheeks to make her freckles. Decorate the strawberry that Strawberry Shortcake is holding with the pink icing using the stars technique in a bag with a number 16 tip.

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