Small Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes

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Small Birthday Cakes

Small birthday cakes are good for any kind of party, even the adult ones. When making this kind of cake, you can unleash your creativity since the focus for it is mainly the designs and decorations. You can also personalize it with some edible designs.

Small Birthday Cakes

Birthday cake is a staple of any traditional birthday party. For a smaller, more intimate gathering, a large, intricate birthday cake may be excessive. In this case, a small 6-inch to 8-inch birthday cake is enough to ensure that each guest gets a slice, without leaving leftovers.

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Even if you are not a supreme chef, buy a variety of cake mixes and frosting. Bake the cakes, decorate with frosting and add sprinkles, candles or cake toppers that match the party’s theme. This ensures that guests can choose from plenty of cake flavours. The variety of small cakes also adds to the party’s feeling and decorations. People who enjoy baking should put their skills to work with small birthday cakes. Make small cheesecakes so party guests can sample the tantalising flavours. Bake oversized cupcakes so each guest can have his own. Do not frost the small cakes, and provide several dipping sauces, such as frosting or melted chocolate or caramel.

Small Birthday Cakes For Men

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What if the birthday boy’s favourite cake is black liquorice? What if your guests expect your famous cookies? Create the birthday boy his own small cake and provide an alternative for guests. Making a small cake for the special birthday guest will emphasise the party’s spirit. Small children eat the cake with their hands and delight guests. Older children will feel special having their own cake. Adults probably have developed a specific liking for a cake flavour and will appreciate having a small cake that they can enjoy over the next few days. Personalise a cake with an edible picture, either from present day or long ago. Include a gift, such as jewellery on the cake as a surprise. Finally, add the birthday girl’s favourite fruit as a border to her cake.

Small Birthday Cake Ideas

Decorations are key to a small birthday cake. A tasteful number candle or glass figurine will adorn it well. Another idea is to crowd the small cake with candles, making it look even smaller. Turn the cake into an animal or beloved cartoon character. Use liquorice for whiskers, chocolate chips for eyes and hard red candy for the mouth and a scrap of carrot for the nose. Using toothpicks as markers, cover them in icing for a 3D effect. Write a note on the cake, such as “Happy 30th Birthday!” Largely print the number of the birthday across the cake once, or print it many small times, maybe in rows or in a circular manner on the cake. Create the small cake with enthusiasm, and the birthday guest will appreciate it.

Small Birthday Cake

If this is the child’s 13th birthday, make a cake from the numbers one and three placed side by side. Many kitchen supply stores have special cake moulds. Look for one that has the right numbers. Bake two cakes. Top each separate cake with fondant dyed your child’s favourite colour. Serve the cakes on a white plate so that people can see the cakes easily.

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