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Shrek Birthday Cake

There are many different options for birthday cakes featuring Shrek, from the DreamWorks Animation movies. These ideas are designed to be easy for the average home-baker to make. All can be accented with Shrek-themed cake toppers from the bakery or cake supply store.

The cake can be made based on the scenes appeared in the movies. An example will be the swamp signs. At the beginning of the first two movies, we see a sign outside the swamp stating “Beware! Ogre” This design makes a marvelous Shrek Cake for birthday cake. Execute it easily on a rectangular, sheet cake. Frost it with a vanilla butter cream. Write the words in red icing, and invite the birthday boy to “draw” his own ogre on the cake, using frosting or purchased frosting gels. You can choose the original, one-ogre version, or the married, two-ogre version.

In addition to that, the honeymoon cottage can be used as another scene for creating the cake. At the beginning of the second movie, we see Shrek and Fiona in their honeymoon cottage: a gingerbread cottage. This is easy to reproduce this Shrek Cake as a birthday cake. Instead of building a cottage from gingerbread, use stacked square cake layers. Trim the top cake layers to form the roof. Frost with milk chocolate frosting and decorate with candies. Complete the cake by placing a Shrek and Fiona figurine in front of the cottage.

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