Sesame Street Birthday Cakes

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Sesame Street Birthday Cakes

Sesame street birthday cakes are one of the best for celebrating kids’ birthdays. Various designs and patterns are available and you may also put in some great effort in designing your own shapes so as to make it unique.

Sesame Street Cake

People of all ages have grown up watching Sesame Street. Whether you are making a cake for your 4-year-old son or your 30-year-old best friend, a Sesame Street birthday cake will be bring joy to the birthday celebration. When you make a Sesame Street birthday cake, there are so many Muppets and themes to pick from. Choose your birthday cake recipient’s favourite part of Sesame Street, and start decorating.

Sesame Street Birthday Cake Ideas

Stacking cakes can create a beautiful tiered design or a standing version of a Sesame Street character. For these cakes, you will need cake boards, dowel rods, fondant or icing, a serrated knife or spatula and rice crispy treats. Start by baking all the cake you will need for the 3-D Sesame Street Muppet. Attach two dowel rods to the base cake board. They will need to reach to the waist of the Muppet. Put round cakes on the legs, adding icing in between each layer. After two layers, add a cake board. At the waist, add a cake board that covers the top of both legs. Layer cakes, icing and boards to the top of the Muppet. Use dowel rods and rice crispy treats to make arms. Carve the cake into the character, and cover with fondant. Use leftover fondant to decorate the cake board. If you are making a character with no space between their legs or Oscar the Grouch in a trash can, you only need one thicker dowel rod for support in the cake.

Sesame Street Birthday Cake Designs

Sesame Street Birthday Cakes

Making cupcakes with the faces of classic Sesame Street characters such as the Count, Big Bird, Oscar, Elmo, Burt and Ernie may seem a bit overwhelming, especially for the novice baker. But with some simple preparation, this project is not so daunting. First purchase sprinkles in the colours of each characters face. You will need purple for the Count, yellow for Big Bird and Burt, green for Oscar, red for Elmo and orange for Ernie. Ice cupcakes with a plain, white frosting and then cover the icing with the appropriate coloured sprinkles. Place dots of white icing on the faces for the eyes and an upside down chocolate chip for the eye ball. Next, add coloured candies to create the mouths of the characters. Consider adding half a cookie for Cookie Monster’s mouth and candy corn for Big Bird’s beak.

Sesame Street Cakes

Moreover, you can also decorate the face of the cake with moulded fondant or gum paste buildings and a road to appear like Sesame Street. Purchase small plastic Sesame Street characters and strategically stick them to the sidewalk, in a trash can for Oscar and near Big Bird’s noodle nest. Alternatively, many grocery store bakeries and craft shops sell various characters on toothpicks called cake picks. Stick the toothpicks atop cupcakes with an easy Sesame Street theme. Use a Sesame Street birthday gift for dual purposes; place an Elmo bath toy on top of the cake that your child can use later.

Sesame Street First Birthday Cake

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