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Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Scooby Doo birthday party ideas are popular among kids and planning for this type of party requires some prior considerations such as the invitations, food and drinks, decorations, as well as the party favors for the guests of the party.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy are old favorites that have withstood the test of time, and a birthday party for your child centered on solving a mystery Scooby and Shaggy style is sure to please everyone! Scooby Doo party decorations and party favors are easy to find online, in party shops, or in department stores, and most grocery bakeries can provide wonderful Scooby Doo cakes to make the party extra special.

Scooby Doo invitations are easy to find, or easy to make, if you prefer. Simply make invitations on your home computer, or even by hand, inviting the guests to help Scooby Doo celebrate your child’s birthday by solving the mystery! Be sure to send the invitations early, specify if the party is a sleep over, and give specific times for both when the party begins and exactly when the guests are to be picked up. That way, there can be no confusion with a tired little guest being left behind after the other party goers have been picked up. Add a map to the invitation with a full address and directions to be sure everyone has an easy time finding your house.

We all remember Scooby, and how he was always hungry. Try hiding doggie treats throughout the party area, and let the children search to find Scooby’s missing snacks. Each child can be given a Scooby Doo bag (you can make them or buy them) with their name on it, and the one who manages to find the most snacks win a prize. Have the guests and birthday girl or boy line up, give them each approximately five milk bones, and have them take turns standing on a step stool and trying to drop their doggie treats into a small container, such as a sand pail, or buy Scooby balloons, and have them put the balloon in the barrel with no hands! Whoever gets the most milk bones or balloons in the target spot, wins a prize.

Make bone shaped cookies, Pup punch, and serve hot dogs in a blanket with chips, and all your little mystery solvers are sure to have full tummies! Bone shaped cookie cutters are easy to find, but if you have a tough time, go to the toy section, and look at the modeling dough section. Most of the sets have cookie cutters, and it is easy to find a dog bone cutter there. You can also shape the cookies by rolling them out, and shaping bones by hand, simply cutting them out with a knife. It does not matter if they are not perfect. Almost any drink works for Pup Punch, whether it is homemade or store purchased. Hotdogs in a blanket are easy as well. Just take cheesy hot dogs, cut them in half, and wrap with prepared, packaged dough. Crescent rolls work well for this Scooby Doo party treat!

For the party favor, you can have great ideas from the animation. One such ideas is the super sleuth favors. Scooby Doo was part of a crime-solving team. These young sleuths used traditional crime-solving tools along with logic to solve each mystery by the end of the show. These crime-solving tools work well as party favors, especially when mixed into a mystery-themed party. Mini magnifying glasses, spy glasses, sunglasses, old-fashioned hats and ink pads for taking finger prints all are appropriate. Let guests use the tools during the party, and keep them as a favor at the end. Sets of the tools are made to be kid-safe. Avoid giving out favors that contain real glass. Moreover, you can also prepare some Scooby Doo snacks for the favors. Scooby Doo loves to eat, and one of his favorite treats is referred to as “Scooby Snacks.” Essentially, they are dog treats. Instead of giving out canine delights, create a bag of edible treats for guests to take home or enjoy at the party. Choose small, plain party favor bags and write “Scooby Snacks” across each. Fill with trail mix or other crunchy snacks. These will certainly give the guests a memorable birthday party.

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