Race Car Birthday Cake

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Race Car Birthday Cake

Race car birthday cake is very popular due to its coolness and attractive designs. Various patterns can be used for this kind of cake and the choices will depend on your preferences. Some great examples include the Hot Wheel birthday cake, and the racetrack birthday cake.

Racing Car Birthday Cake

In 1920, Harry Miller was issued the first U.S. patent for a race-car design, which started the race-car fad in America. Unlike the race cars in Miller’s time, today’s cars are sleeker and faster. Children love the roar of the cars and the excitement of the racetrack. A birthday cake with a race-car theme will give them an extra thrill.

Racing Car Birthday Cakes

A Hot Wheels birthday cake is perfect for the little boy or girl in your life who loves Hot Wheels or just cars in general. Most Hot Wheels cars can be picked up at toy stores for a dollar or two, making a Hot Wheels cake inexpensive to create. Then after the cake is cut, the cars can be played with, making a Hot Wheels cake both a dessert and a gift. A simple sheet cake can be turned into a great Hot Wheels birthday cake featuring a race track. Bake a normal sheet cake and then cover with green frosting. Now frost around the outside of the top of the cake black for the race track. Place a few Hot Wheels on the track and write a special message to the recipient inside the track.

Racing Car Cakes

Car Birthday Cake

A racetrack is one of the easiest ways to make a car-themed cake. To make this cake, start with a simple sheet cake in any flavour. Ice the entire cake in green icing. There is a special icing tip made for cake decorating, tip #133, that can be used to make the grass look more realistic. Once the grass is made, use black icing to make a racetrack pattern on the cake. If possible, make the cake into the shape of the age that the birthday boy is turning, such as “8” or “3.” Use white icing to make dashes down the centre of the race car track. Place toy cars along the track. Be sure to put the birthday boy’s favourite car in the lead to make sure he’s winning. Somewhere in the grass of the cake, use frosting to write, “Happy Birthday.”

Car Birthday Cakes

Race Car Birthday Cake

With a printer and a sheet cake, you can create a real simple Hot Wheels birthday cake that can, if necessary, can be thrown together at the last minute. Print the Hot Wheels logo, attach it to a piece of wax paper and cut it out. Lay the logo on top of a frosted sheet cake. Scatter some Hot Wheels cars on top around the logo and the cake is ready to go.

Racing Car Cake

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