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Creative Birthday Cakes Ideas for All Kind of Parties & Events

Princess & Princes Themed Cake Ideas

Here are some beautiful princess birthday cakes that you can create at home for your little princess and princes.

One of the most popular and most common cake idea is – Castle cake. Although baking a castle cake is not easy but still i would suggest you to bake atleast one castle cake for your kid in life.




Every kid is special and for a mother her daughter/son is always the princess/prince of the world. So why not make them feel special like a prince or princess on their birthday. What would serve better than having their own personal castle that they could proudly show to their friends on their birthday.

Barbie Dolls have been around for a lot of time now, It is said that a girl will never ever forget her first Barbie doll, No matter how old she get. Make a princess cake using any recipe adapted from the old-fashioned dolly varden style of birthday cake – it’s easy to cook and prepare ahead of the big party day, too. Snap up a commercially made doll and wrap her in cling wrap until the decorating is done.




When you are planning your daughter’s birthday party, remember that girls and Barbie go hand in hand. A Barbie theme party is similar to a princess theme party.



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