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Princess Birthday Cake

Princess birthday cake comes in many different designs and patterns such as princess doll cake, castle-shaped cake, cake with crown or even a valiant steed or a mythical unicorn cake.

You’ve got the princess Disney costumes set aside from the girls dress up costumes. You’ve even made a selection from the princess costumes adult for you to wear to the birthday party. Everything is lined up for the perfect princess birthday party… except the cake. Well don’t get your Cinderella princess dress all in a ruffle! There are a lot of great options for the perfect princess birthday cake, from a Snow White princess standing cake to simple cupcake holders. Whatever your style, there is a princess cake option that will, quite literally, put the icing on the cake for your princess party.

The most extravagant cake idea is the standing princess doll cake. You’ll need a Barbie-sized plastic doll for this cake of a Cinderella princess or Snow white princess or other princess of your choice. Bake a cake in a round Bundt or bell-shaped pan. Strip the doll, wash her quickly, and gently press her into the center of the cake. Decorate the cake as the dolls dress, using the princess Disney costumes as a guide. This standing cake looks just like the princess herself, and is memorable for the birthday girl to have a cake that looks just like her girls dress up costumes.

Castle cakes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as a sheet cake with a couple castle-shaped toppers or as extravagant as piled loaf cakes cut into a castle, complete with moat. Castle cakes are more than just cakes; they are centerpieces to the party. The memory of a mother in a princess costumes adult, carrying a lit castle cake to the center of a table of singing friends is a memory that is sure to last a lifetime.
Cake toppers are a simple way to make any cake special. Look for toppers shaped like a Cinderella princess, Snow White princess, or other princess. What is the birthday girl’s favorite princess Disney costume? Is she wearing a special girls dress up costume to the party? If so, you can search for a cake topper that would match the birthday girl’s attire. A simple sheet cake can be a princess playground with just a cake topper two.

Cupcake toppers are a simple, convenient expansion to cakes with cake toppers. Lined cupcakes make the birthday cake a less messy option, and individual cupcake toppers give each child a special trinket to bring home with them.

There is cupcake holders available as well, typically modeled after the princess Disney costumes. Each cupcake holder has a princess on it, and provides the same benefit of the cupcake topper. Although there isn’t a large, beautiful cake with this option, it makes for an easy cake that keeps the girls dress up costumes clean.

Shaped cake pans are a special way to turn a sheet cake into a masterpiece. There are cake pans shaped like crowns, which can be decorated with candy “jewels.” Cake pans shaped like castles are an easier option than the traditional standing castle cake. After baking the cake, these castle-shaped cakes are easier to frost into a beautiful castle fit for any princess. Coaches, unicorns, and princess shaped pans are also great options for the perfect princess cake.

Make a cake in the shape of a crown. Use a crown-shaped pan to create the shape and cover with gold icing; embellish with “gems” made of colorful icing. Combine a bit of luster dust with two or three drops of lemon juice and brush the cake with the mixture for a metallic or bejeweled look. Make a treasure chest cake and fill it with gold and royal jewels. Cut a rectangular cake in half and place a foam or plastic wedge on top of one half. Place the other half on top of the wedge to make an opened chest shape. Cover the cake with brown icing, use fruit leather for the straps and fill the opening with gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins and candy necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Make a valiant steed or a mythical unicorn cake for the royal event. Use a shaped cake pan or cut a rectangular cake into the shape of a horse using a stencil or picture for a guide. Decorate the cake with a buttercream icing and a pastry bag with a star icing tip. Use a small round icing tip for the horse or unicorn’s mane. Alternatively, make a three-dimensional horse or unicorn worthy of becoming the party’s centerpiece. Create the horse or unicorn laying down, legs folded, with its head up. Use an oval cake for the body, mold crisped rice treats into the head and legs and add fondant ears. Cover the body with buttercream icing smoothed out. Add a fondant horn for a unicorn. This will surely create a unique birthday party.

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