Pink Birthday Cake

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Pink Birthday Cake

Pink birthday cake is a great idea for celebrating any girl’s birthday. From this colour, there are various types of cake designs and patterns that can be created such as princess themed birthday cake and the poodle-inspired cake.

Girls Pink Birthday Cake

A pink-themed party is an opportunity to go a little crazy. A birthday party can be completely pink, if you wish it – from the cake and candles to the punch and party favours. If your club or organization is throwing a pink party, consider buying pink T-shirts for all the attendees bearing the name of your group or cause. Moreover, design an all-pink cake using coloured frosting, or tie the dessert into the overall party theme. Creating your own cake will allow you to completely customize it for the birthday girl. If you’re short on time, buy a pre-made unfrosted cake and add your own personal touches using frosting, icing, candy and other treats.

Pink Birthday Cake Ideas

Make a young girl feel like royalty on her big day by creating a pink princess-inspired birthday cake. Make a single-tiered cake or add another layer or two depending on how many party guests you’re expecting. Start by making a round vanilla or chocolate cake featuring layers of buttercream frosting. Place the cake on an elegant silver or gold tray and allow it to cool completely. Cover the entire cake with a layer of pastel pink fondant or frosting. Dot the sides of the cake with pearl-inspired candy pieces, and ring the bottom of the cake with them as well. Top the cake with a new plastic tiara featuring pink heart designs and sparkling clear rhinestones for a glamorous look.

Pink Birthday Cake Designs

Pink Birthday Cakes For Girls

If a girl’s birthday party has a garden theme or is being held outdoors, whip up a rosebud-inspired cake by creating decadent frosting flowers. Bake a round vanilla cake and allow it to cool prior to decorating it. Slather a layer of luscious pastel pink frosting over the cake. You can also use tulip-yellow frosting to create a vibrant, garden-inspired table’s cape. Cover the top of the cake with light and dark pink frosting roses using a pastry bag equipped with a floral tip. Accent the rose designs with tiny green frosting leaves. To add to the dessert’s decadence, pipe white frosting around the top and bottom of the cake. Present the cake on a vintage, pedestal-style porcelain cake stand.

Pink Birthday Cake

Complement a poodle-inspired birthday party with a whimsical themed cake. Use the eye-catching cake as a decorative table centrepiece. To create the treat, bake two 9-inch round cakes. Set one cake on a large platter as the front of the poodle’s body. Cut the second round cake into pieces to resemble the back of the poodle’s body, legs, a tail and a head. Arrange all of the pieces on the platter to form a poodle shape and cover them with light pink frosting. Dye coconut shreds pink using food colouring, and sprinkle them onto the poodle’s body as fur. Create eyes, a nose, mouth and decorative collar using vibrantly hued candies such as gumdrops, jelly beans and gumballs.

Pink Birthday Cakes

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