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Owl Themed Birthday Cakes

Owls are curious nightly birds that are often portrayed in popular media in haunting and gothic imagery. These birds are known to be mysterious and alluring, and they have long been associated with magic, witchcraft and sorcery. Even though owls have several dark connotations, these birds are often loved by animal lovers all over the world and some even prefer them as pets.



Owls are a popular choice when it comes to animal design cakes and owl cakes goes well with birthdays, anniversaries or other important occasions. These cakes frequently have a 3D idol of a nicely designed owl, which can be placed atop a single, two or three tier cake. Sometimes instead of a 3D idol, a picturesque image of an owl perched on a branch may also adorn the cake’s surface.



Pink owl cakes are ideal for you if you are planning your little daughter’s birthday. The owl can be pink in color with small or medium-sized polka dots. Sometimes more than a single owl may adorn the cake’s surface. The owls normally have large eyes that give them a cartoonish appearance.

Making this adorable, wide-eyed owl cake for your kid’s next birthday is sure to be a “wise” choice.