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Number 1 Birthday Cake

Number 1 birthday cake is perhaps a great choice for celebrating a toddler’s birthday although he or she may not remember the significance. There are various ways of decorating the number 1 birthday cake and you can make use of your creativity to make it as attractive as possible.

1st Birthday Cakes

Although a baby who is turning 1 might not understand the significance of his first birthday, he is old enough to have fun at the party. For many 1-year-olds, the first taste of sugar is the cake that is served at his first birthday party. While your 1-year-old might not be able to express his likes and dislikes and cannot help you choose a cake, you can select a cake based on the theme of the party you throw.

Number 1 Shaped Birthday Cake

Number 1 Birthday Cake Mould

If your guest list is small and intimate, a sheet cake in the shape of the No. 1 can be an adorable addition to your party. You can purchase number sheet pans through your local cake supply store or at a craft store. Mix the cake according to the package instructions. Grease and flour the cake pan thoroughly. Bake at the required temperature for the same amount of time as you would for a 9-by-13-inch pan. The cake is finished when you can insert a toothpick and it comes back out clean. Allow to cool completely. Ice with white icing. Using a shell tip, outline the number all the way around. With a writing tip, write the child’s name in bright letters. Add any decorations you’d like, including small toys that have been cleaned with soap and water.

1 Birthday Cake

Number 1 Birthday Cakes For Boys

Make just one large Lego cake or several smaller Lego cakes. Use a square or round pan to make the cake. Shape your cakes so that they are perfectly level on the top and the sides. Cover with frosting or fondant. Use fondant cut into circles for the leg pegs that sit on top of each piece. Use a little water or icing to glue pegs onto the cake. Use frosting or a toothpick to write “Lego” on each peg. You may also create a shape of one with the Lego cake to make it more special and nice-looking.

Number 1 Birthday Cakes

Number Birthday Cakes

You likely have lots of cute pictures of your baby, so consider decorating a cake with a picture of her. Some bakeries can create an edible image from a picture that you bring them. If you cannot find a bakery that can do this for you, there are several companies online that allow you to upload a picture and they will send you an edible image through the mail. Then, you peel the backing off of the image and place it on the top of the cake. Use candies or a pastry bag to create a border around the image.

Number 1 Birthday Cake

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