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Novelty Birthday Cakes

Many people think that novelty birthday cakes are some sort of humorous cake, or one meant to be a bit of a joke, but there are many novelty designs that are far from just a joke. For example, there are cake decorators who are able to make cakes that look just like piles of gifts, cell phones, cars, trains, fruit and vegetables, cartoon characters, pirate ships, letters and numbers, and so much more!

The thing about cakes that are made along a novelty theme is that they are most successful when they also reflect the skills and individual style of the baker or cake decorator. For example, if you are a master with fondant, then the cakes you make should always use fondant in clever and novel ways. This means that you won’t just want to color the fondant beautifully and then wrap the cake with it; instead you will want to make sculptural features to enhance the cake and make it really distinctive. This is the essence of novelty, and it does require some practice.

It also requires the baker or cake decorator to have analyzed their personal design preferences and to select a very custom look to use for almost every design. Need an example? Let’s say that you love to use your piping bag and star tips to create images in the icing of your cakes, this means that the designs you use must work well with such an approach to cake decoration. Often this means you will want to have also selected a format or “silhouette” for your cakes that can partner well with such a design choice.

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