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Nemo Birthday Cake

Nemo birthday cake can have many different kinds of designs based on the movie or scenes in the movie. There are a lot of ways to create a Nemo birthday cake.

“Finding Nemo” is an Oscar-winning children’s movie that has become wildly popular as a birthday party theme. The movie depicts an exciting father and son adventure in which two clown fish become separated and then are finally reunited at the end of the movie. The characters of Nemo, Dory and Marlin are beloved by many children, and a Finding Nemo party theme is sure to be a big hit. Creating a Nemo cake can enhance the party theme as well.

There are a variety of Nemo cake designs and patterns in the market. You can choose one based on your child’s preferences and what types they favor. You can order a Nemo cake at any bakery and most grocery stores. If you would like to challenge your skills in cake-making, you can always create the cake yourself by using pan available in the local store and also the toppers for decorations purposes without any advance cake decorating skills. Use a sheet pan and carve the little guy out. Use the pieces you cut off to make his tail and fin. They can be glued on with icing. Then color some vanilla icing with food coloring and use it to make the fish turn into Nemo.

You can also bake a sheet cake the size that you will need. Then draw on your cake with icing using the above picture or any Nemo picture as a guideline. The easy thing about using this method is that you can scrape the icing off and redo it as many times as you would like until you are satisfied with it. After you have all of the markings on your cake cut away the outline so that you have the Nemo’s shape.

Next, cover the areas that will be white first with white icing, then the areas that will be orange with orange icing. Ice the mouth with black icing. Finally, do the outline markings with the black icing using the picture as a guide. A birthday message can be written underneath the Nemo cake on the cake board and whatever color icing you would like.

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