Monster Truck Birthday Cakes

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Monster Truck Birthday Cakes

Monster truck birthday cakes are perfect for celebrating kids’ birthday especially those who love this character. There are various designs and patterns available and choosing a suitable one will certainly depend on your preferences and liking.

Monster Truck Birthday Cake Ideas

The heart-pounding excitement of a monster truck show draws in many fans. Create a fan club of your own with a monster truck cake. There are many design options for those with varying levels of cake decorating skills. You can also share the design ideas for a monster truck cake with your favourite bakery if you prefer to order a cake.

Monster Truck Birthday Cake Pictures

If a regular sheet cake is too plain for your tastes, cut it into a monster truck shape. Create a template by drawing the side view of a monster truck onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Make the template slightly smaller than the sheet cake so it maximises the available cake. Place the template on top of the cake and cut around it with a sharp knife. Frost the cake in a base colour. Add details such as the windows, doors and lettering on the side of the monster truck using additional colours of frosting.

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Consider using a bright colour, such as red, green or bright blue, to frost the cake. These trucks are often flashy, so don’t be afraid to use a bright neon frosting colours. You can find brightly-coloured pre-made frosting on baking web sites or in speciality baking stores. If you don’t have access to that, purchase plain vanilla frosting and use food colouring to dye it. Start with a drop or two, stir the frosting, and check the colour. Slowly add more until the frosting reaches the colour you desire. If you used cake for the tires, frost them with dark chocolate icing.

Monster Truck Birthday Cakes

Creating a 3-D monster truck cake is easier than it sounds. You’ll need a sheet cake and a small cake baked in a loaf pan to create the truck shape. Cut the sheet cake in half lengthwise. Place one half on top of the other with a layer of icing in between. Use the loaf pan cake to create the cab of the monster truck. Trim it as needed to fit and attach it near one end with icing. Cover the entire cake with a layer of frosting in the desired colour. Use large, chocolate-covered doughnuts as the wheels on the monster truck. Spread some icing on the side to attach them to the cake. Add the rest of the monster truck details using different colours of frosting.

Monster Truck Cake

If you’re looking for something other than a full-sized cake, cupcakes make a nice alternative. Arrange the cupcakes in the shape of a monster truck on a large cake board. Stick them in place with a little frosting underneath. Ice the tops of the cupcakes to resemble a monster truck. The kids can take the cupcakes individually as they want them.

Monster Truck Cakes

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