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Mermaid Birthday Cake

The whimsical, beach charm of “The Little Mermaid” is a favorite with little girls everywhere. If your daughter wants to have a mermaid-themed party this year, there are a number of innovative–and affordable–design ideas you can incorporate into the cake that will make this dessert one of the party’s main attractions.

If you want to use a sheet cake for the party, top the cake with blue icing to represent the ocean waves, and sprouts of green to make seaweed and aquatic plants. A mix of cinnamon and sugar can create the “sand” and small seashells made of fondant can line the borders of the sheet cake. You can draw mermaid Ariel onto the sheet cake with icing (or a have a cake decorator do it). Another option is to use a small plastic doll dressed in a seashell bra and mermaid skirt to add a 3-D element to the cake. Other 3-D items can also top the cake to complete the theme: plastic seashells or a sand castle.

Two or three cakes of varying sizes can be used to create Little Mermaid cakes as well. Spread blue icing on each of the cake layers, and add plastic or fondant starfish and seashells to the side of the cake. At the top of the dessert, place the top half of a plastic doll, complete with long red hair and a seashell bra. Draw the bottom half of the mermaid with icing down the front of the layer cake. Or, have a professional cake decorator draw the likeness of Ariel on the side of the cake to appear as if she is swimming against the blue “water.” The layer cake can also be painted coral or brown to resemble a sand castle, with half of the mermaid doll placed at the top.

Use the top half of the plastic doll for Ariel’s head, neck, shoulders, and chest, and bake a cake in the shape of an upside-down cone for the mermaid’s bottom half. Decorate the cake with sea-foam green icing, and sprinkle edible glitter onto the icing to give the illusion of fish scales. Or, position the doll as if she is lying on her side on the beach, and use a cake pan in the shape of the mermaid’s bottom half to create the tail of the mermaid that will be attached to the doll. Bake smaller cakes in the shapes of seashells or “Sebastian the Crab” to place around the mermaid cake, and create a cinnamon and sugar mixture for sand to accent the bottom rim The smaller cakes can also be used as party favors.

For a little more effort, you can make your own mermaid-shaped cake. Bake a sheet cake, a dozen cupcakes and two 9-inch round cakes. When they have all cooled, place one of the round cakes on the cake board as the mermaid’s head. Cut pieces of the sheet cake to form her body and tail. Take the other round and cut a crescent shape and place it as the fin at the end of her tail. The cupcakes will be her hair falling down beside her shoulder. Ice each part of the cake to create a mermaid. Use candies for scales and licorice for eyelashes and lips.

Cake supply companies make cake pans shaped as characters from The Little Mermaid. Make your cake as you usually would and pour into the shaped pan. When the cake has cooled, remove the cake from the pan. Use the pan’s package instructions on how to ice the cake. Following the directions will help you create a perfect Ariel. This will surely bring a difference for a mermaid theme party.

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