Mario Birthday Cake

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Mario Birthday Cake

Mario birthday cake is the best for celebrating not only kids’ birthday but adults as well. It is one of the most popular games especially for those who were born in the 80s. There are various ways of making Mario birthday cake. Some examples include the use of cake pans, cupcakes, or even some simple Mario shaped cake.

Super Mario Bros Birthday Cake

Mario has been the subject of kids’ fascination ever since the first “Mario Bros.” game hit arcades in the 1980s. It is a beloved icon for people ages 5-35, so it should come as no surprise that talented artisan cake decorators should choose the theme for a birthday cake. The cake is a great reference to one of the most treasured game characters of all time and it does a great job of capturing the most recognizable aspects of the games as well.

Mario Birthday Cake

Super Mario Birthday Cake

Making a super Mario cake is not as difficult as you may think of. But of course, you need to have all the materials and tools prepared. To make a Super Mario shaped cake is so easy with Wilton Super Mario Bros cake pans. Have a look on eBay. You can get these Super Mario Bros Wilton cake pan with great price. Some sellers on eBay even offer free shipping for this Super Mario Bros Wilton cake pan. That’s means you only pay for the cake pan. Some Super Mario cake pans are brand new and some are second hand. So check the item description carefully before you buy this Super Mario Cake Pans from eBay.

Mario Birthday Cakes

Super Mario Bros Cupcakes is so adorable and look so yummy. They would look great with your Super Mario Bros birthday cake. To make Super Mario cupcakes, first you make the plain cupcakes and then decorate them with Super Mario cupcakes decoration and topper. You can buy these Super Mario cupcakes decoration and cupcake topper from eBay. You Super Mario Bros cupcakes and cakes would look so super fantastic.

Super Mario Birthday Cakes

Mario Bros Birthday Cake

Moreover, a Super Mario birthday cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you need it to be. You could make a basic, circular birthday cake and use icing to draw Mario. If you’re not much for cake decorating, have it done at your local grocery store or bakery. More elaborate cake-makers could attempt to make a cake shaped like a green one-up mushroom, a level from a Mario game or one of the characters.

Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

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