Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas

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Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas

Little mermaid birthday cake ideas are one of the most popular cake designs especially for a little girl’s birthday party. Various designs and patterns are available for your selection and you may also include your own creativity in making a unique and special cake for your loved one.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cakes

The “Little Mermaid” fairy tale has been around since the 19th century. The fairy tale was written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Since its origination, it has been a popular tale. Even Disney adapted the story to join its collection of animated classics. Little girls love the love story of the brave little mermaid. Little girls are thrilled to receive a little mermaid birthday cake.

The Little Mermaid Birthday Cakes

Little Mermaid Birthday Decorations

If you want to use a sheet cake for the party, top the cake with blue icing to represent the ocean waves, and sprouts of green to make seaweed and aquatic plants. A mix of cinnamon and sugar can create the “sand” and small seashells made of fondant can line the borders of the sheet cake. You can draw mermaid Ariel onto the sheet cake with icing (or a have a cake decorator do it). Another option is to use a small plastic doll dressed in a seashell bra and mermaid skirt to add a 3-D element to the cake. Other 3-D items can also top the cake to complete the theme: plastic seashells or a sand castle.

Mermaid Birthday Cake

Mermaid Birthday Cakes

Two or three cakes of varying sizes can be used to create Little Mermaid cakes as well. Spread blue icing on each of the cake layers, and add plastic or fondant starfish and seashells to the side of the cake. At the top of the dessert, place the top half of a plastic doll, complete with long red hair and a seashell bra. Draw the bottom half of the mermaid with icing down the front of the layer cake. Or, have a professional cake decorator draw the likeness of Ariel on the side of the cake to appear as if she is swimming against the blue “water.” The layer cake can also be painted coral or brown to resemble a sand castle, with half of the mermaid doll placed at the top.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas

Under the sea ariel with dolphins

To make a cake that looks like Ariel rest on a rock, use a bowl or dome cake tin, the kind that is typically used for Barbie dress cakes. Make the dome cake. Insert a Barbie style doll with bright red hair into the cake up to the waist of the doll. Frost the tail on the cake coming out from the doll. Then frost the rest of the cake to look like a rock. Alternatively, sit a Barbie style doll directly on top of your cake. Cover the legs with frosting to create a tail.

Little Mermaid Cakes

Little Mermaid Decorations

Moreover, you may also look in the toy section of the store and find toy miniatures of the little mermaid. Some stores sell complete play sets. Bake a sheet cake. While the cake is cooling, wash the toys in hot soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Frost the cake. Take a few drops of blue liquid food colouring and add to 1 cup of sugar in a reseal-able bag. Seal the bag and work the colour into the sugar. Sprinkle the blue sugar on top of the cake in the areas that you want to represent water. With a dab of frosting on the bottom of the toys, arrange them on top of the cake. Decorate the cake with candy fish and sprinkles. When the cake has been eaten, rinse the toys off with hot water to clean them.

The Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

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