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Ladybug Birthday Cake Part 2

You can also make a 3D ladybug cake with fondant decorations. To make the cake, prepare a cake mix and bake it in a ladybug or oval cake pan. When using an oval cake pan, cut the cake into the shape of a ladybug with a serrated knife once the cake has cooled. Cover the entire cake in a layer of red fondant. Cover the face with a sheet of black fondant and then cut out black circles from the remaining fondant to make the ladybug’s spots. Add eyes with small dots of icing and make the ladybug look friendly with a red icing smile.

Besides that, you can also create the rounded shape of a ladybug’s shell by baking your cake in a mixing bowl rather than a standard cake pan. You can bake the cake in metal, ceramic or oven-safe glass bowls, such as Pyrex mixing bowls. Grease the bowl before adding the cake mix, just as you would when using a cake pan. Let the cake cool for at least 10 minutes before running a knife between the edge of the cake and the bowl and inverting it onto a cake board or serving platter. You can attach a cupcake to the side of the cake for the ladybug’s head or create the head and body on the dome-shaped cake with red and black frosting.

Furthermore, you can make a batch of cupcakes decorated with ladybugs instead of a traditional cake. Bake the cupcakes, cover them with a layer of green icing and top each with a ladybug-shaped cookie or candy. For a traditional cake that is easier to serve, make a pull-apart ladybug cake with cupcakes. Make the batch of cupcakes and arrange them into a ladybug shape on a cake tray. Decorate the shape as a single cake. When it comes time to serve the cake, simply pull the individual cupcakes from the cake.

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