Ladybug Birthday Cake Part 1

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Ladybug Birthday Cake Part 1

Ladybug birthday cake is rather easy to create and it can have many different types of design patterns which all depend on your creativity and skills.

With their iconic red-and-black wings and nursery-rhyme ubiquity, the ladybug is a popular beetle among folks of all ages, even those who dislike other insects. Translating the lovable ladybug into a birthday cake offers bakers many options to spread their own wings and let their imaginations take flight. Decorate a homemade ladybug cake for a spring-themed party or as a birthday cake for anyone fond of these colorful bugs. Since ladybugs are round and have simple markings, you can recreate them in cake form without any special baking equipment or cake decorating skills.

The simplest ladybug cake involves cake of any flavor that has been baked in 8 or 9-inch round cake pans. Simply frost the cake with a buttercream or that has been dyed red, then outline and dot the wings with dark chocolate frosting. Consider using a cupcake frosted with chocolate icing for the head and insert licorice whips as antennae. To go a step further, round the cake into a dome for a spherical lady bug by carving stacked, round cakes with a clean, serrated bread knife. The cake can then be frosted as described, or you can use a sheet of red fondant for a clean, smooth finish.

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