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Kroger Birthday Cakes

Kroger birthday cakes are very famous and there are many different types of design patterns. It can be either pre-made or custom-made.

The Kroger spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores. Their bakery is one of the famous one in town which provide quality bakeries to their customers.

Kroger birthday cakes have a wide variety of selections. Their birthday cakes are suitable for any types of birthday party that you will be having. The Kroger bakery does carry character cakes, they also have round cakes, cupcakes, 1/4 sheets on up!

If you don’t like their pre-made cakes for your occasion, you can always ask for their custom services whereby you provide them information regarding what types of cake you would like them to make and they will create the cake for you with reasonable charges. Kroger probably has the most experienced cake decorators. Of course, neither place actually makes the cakes themselves anymore – they are ordered in and decorated according to the customer order.

Furthermore, theme birthday cakes are sold in Kroger as well. These types of birthday cakes are rather popular especially among kids. You can also order a custom-made birthday cake with your own theme if you are not able to find one that is suitable for your theme in their store. The Disney’s cars birthday cakes are available in the Kroger store. This cake features Lightning McQueen and friends, one of Disney-PIXAR’s most popular characters!

Sesame street birthday cake is another example. The cake can feature many different patterns such as the Big Bird, Elmo or Cookie Monster which are the characters in the famous kid television series. Moreover, Winnie the Pooh is also one of the types of birthday cakes in Kroger. Pooh is always a hit with kids. This cake kit includes Winnie the Pooh popping out of his honey pot with friends Tigger and Roo.

Besides that, Kroger birthday cake also includes the private selection series of cakes like private selection chocolate trio cake and the private selection Italian crème cake. The chocolate trio cake is a chocolate covered snicker pieces blended with chocolate satin cake layers, then iced with chocolate buttercream icing. Garnish includes snickers pieces with peanuts and caramel drizzle. While the Italian crème cake is a cream cheese iced decorated cake made with coconut, pecan pieces, and delightful almond flavor. It is iced with real cream cheese. In addition, there are also carrot cakes which are rich and delicious made with real pineapple, carrots, and spices. They are iced with a smooth cream cheese icing then surrounded with walnuts.

If you have a Kroger in your area and are holding a birthday party soon, perhaps you can give them a try, you might just been pleasantly surprised by their quality birthday cake. Kroger birthday cake does make a difference.

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