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Hot Wheels Birthday Cake

Hot wheels birthday cake can have many different types of design patterns depending on your creativity. Some examples include car track design cake, layered cake, and also hot wheels logo cake.

Hot Wheels toy cars rolled into the public spotlight in the late 1960s. Mattel made the die-cast cars to compete with Matchbox cars. Mattel did so well in 1997 it bought the company that owned Matchbox. Hot Wheels cars are an obsession for many children. If your child is crazy about Hot Wheels, you may consider making or purchasing a hot wheels birthday cake for his or her birthday.

A sheet cake lends itself to easy cake decorating. Bake a sheet cake in the desired size, making sure it is large enough to feed your guests. After the cake cools, frost the cake to look like a racetrack. Use a piping bag filled with green frosting to make grass. Use black frosting to create a black, asphalt racetrack. You can place Hot Wheel cars toppers on the cake to decorate it. If you want added decorations around the racetrack, create trees by frosting upside down ice cream cones. Alternatively, include small plastic dolls for the race fans.

A simple sheet cake can be turned into a great Hot Wheels birthday cake featuring a race track. Bake a normal sheet cake and then cover with green frosting. Then, frost around the outside of the cake black for the race track. Place a few Hot Wheels on the track and write a special message to the recipient inside the track.

Plain sheet cake with a race track frosted on it too plain for you? Jazz up this idea by cutting the cake into the number that corresponds with the birthday being celebrated and then paint the whole number to look like a race track. Then add some Hot Wheels cars to the track and it is ready for the big reveal.

If you prefer the look of a traditional tiered layer cake, prepare your cake as usual. Frost your cake or cover the cake in rolled fondant. Choose a color that matches your party’s color scheme. Cut 2-D shapes out of rolled fondant sheets. Use a picture of a Hot Wheel as a template or a favorite Hot Wheel as a model. Once you cut the shapes out, decorate them to look like the toy using edible paints or decorations cut from rolled fondant, including windows, wheels and paint detail.

For the experienced decorator and cake carver, a carved Hot Wheels cake is the way to go. After stacking several cakes, carve them with a serrated knife. Use the guest of honor’s favorite Hot Wheel as a guide. Cover the carved cake with rolled fondant. Use an airbrush to decorate the paint job and other car details to help distinguish it.

Besides that, with a printer and a sheet cake, you can create a real simple Hot Wheels birthday cake that can, if necessary, can be thrown together at the last minute. Print the Hot Wheels logo, attach it to a piece of wax paper and cut it out. Lay the logo on top of a frosted sheet cake. Scatter some Hot Wheels cars on top around the logo and the cake is ready to go

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