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Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty birthday cake can have a wide variety of designs and patterns and some examples of design include Hello Kitty’s face, Hello Kitty and friends, as well as the scenes in the cartoon.

Hello Kitty has been charming young girls since she was created in Japan in 1974. The image of the white kitty with the red bow in her hair has graced stationary, clothing, coin purses and party supplies, to name just a few things. Many youngsters (and their moms) turn their fascination for the lovable cat into a colorful birthday theme. Birthday cake with this adorable cat is great for girls’ birthday as well. It makes a difference in the birthday party.

There are many different types of designs and patterns for making a Hello Kitty birthday cake. The ideas are endless and it all depends on your creativity and imagination. Hello Kitty’s face is a simple rounded oval shape, with two points on the top for ears. If you’re confident of your cake-carving skills, bake a rectangular cake, let it cool, and then carve a rounded oval with pointy ears out of it. From there, apply white frosting for Kitty’s fur and red frosting for her bow, and then draw her face with black gel icing. For an easier approach, Wilton makes a Hello Kitty-shaped cake pan. Look for it anywhere that sells cake decorating supplies, including general merchandisers like Meijer.

If you or whoever you’re making the cake for are Hello Kitty aficionados, you’ll know that Hello Kitty likes to have fun. Sometimes she has a picnic, or goes to the beach, or invites friends over to her beautiful house. Think of places Kitty likes to go, and then decorate the cake to those specifications. For example, Kitty at the beach might rest on a folding beach chair, have a big sun umbrella and oversized sunglasses, and be building a nice sand castle. Use sanding sugar to make the sand on the beach; it’s available in most colors, including the pink and red that are part of Hello Kitty’s world. Mold fondant in your hands like modeling clay to make Kitty and any accessories, including the sand castle. Brush the castle with a little water, and then press sanding sugar onto it with a dry hand so the castle looks like it is made of sand.

Hello Kitty has a lot of friends, including her twin sister Mimmy and her boyfriend, Dear Daniel. Craft Kitty and her friends out of fondant, then dress them to look like people who will be at the party where you’ll serve the cake. For example, if the cake is for your daughter and she wears glasses, make your Hello Kitty figure wear glasses that look like your daughter’s. Do the same for any of her friends that will be coming to the party as well. Everyone will be thrilled to see them represented on the cake.

If you want a fun cake that’s easy and relatively fuss-free to serve, print out a picture of Hello Kitty’s face. Bake and cool your favorite cupcake recipe then lay out the cupcakes in the shape of Kitty’s head. Use the printout as a guide to frost the cupcakes so they make one big Hello Kitty head. If you will be transporting the cake, lay Kitty’s cupcake head out inside a big box, such as a stuffed pizza box. Have a friend carefully hold the box while you drive the cupcakes to their destination, so your hard work is not ruined. This cake is ideal for activity birthday parties, such as at a roller rink or water park, since you don’t need to worry about silverware or cake cutting.

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