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Healthy Birthday Cake

There are many options for a healthy birthday cake; you can either opt for ready-made or home-made. You can also incorporate healthy choices or flavors into a traditional cake.

Parents are often looking for a healthy alternative to the standard, sugary, preservative-filled birthday cake for their baby’s introduction to the wonderful traditions of birthdays. We’ve heard from parents looking for ways to buy an egg-free cake, to those seeking recipes for “healthy” cakes, or even whether to make/buy two cakes (one for Baby, one for adults).

There are many different options when it comes to healthy birthday cakes. If your baby has not been introduced to whole eggs by their first birthday, this is probably not the occasion to give them a try. Many egg substitutes contain eggs, so to be safe, look for cake and frosting mixes labeled “vegan” which are free of all animal products. You’ll need to go to a health food store to find these products. Or jump on the Internet, Vegan Baker is one company that offers cake and frosting mixes. If baking is not for you, many urban cities also have vegan bakeries too – check the Yellow Pages or ask someone at a vegetarian restaurant.

If you’ve decided on a traditional layer cake or cupcakes, choose a flavor that’s healthier than the standard white or chocolate varieties. Some cake flavors to consider include banana, applesauce or carrot. Cakes that contain fruit usually have less sugar. Made from scratch or from a mix, or purchased at a bakery, these are a step up on the healthy scale.

Healthier frosting choices can include organic yogurt thickened with cream cheese or a traditional cream cheese frosting. The ultimate substitute for sugar-laden buttercream is whipped cream. Homemade whipped cream is pretty simple to make and just a couple tablespoons of sugar will sweeten it.

Furthermore, you can also make a watermelon birthday cake. All the materials that you need include 1 oblong watermelon, channel knife (or vegetable peeler), berries, whip cream, birthday candles and mint for garnish. In order to make the cake, first, you have to choose a long watermelon with very straight sides for this carving. Wash watermelon and pat dry. Then remove rounded ends. Cut 2 thick horizontal rings from center section of watermelon, for desired cake height. Use a channel knife to carve one design into the rind of each ring. If you cannot find a channel knife, you can use the top of a standard vegetable peeler. Cut each ring into 6 even wedges. After that, arrange wedges from different rings to create a varied cake design, building to desired height. Finally, top the cake with berries and whipped cream, birthday candles and fresh mint leaves for garnish

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