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Hawaiian Birthday Cakes

Hawaiian birthday cakes are necessary for a Hawaiian-themed party. There are many great ideas when it comes to designing a Hawaiian cake. Some of these ideas include the waterfall cake, tiki-hut cake, tropical type of cake, sandy shore cake, and the flip-flop cake.

A Hawaiian-themed party may concentrate on the flora and fauna of those islands, or some of their other stunning natural features, such as volcanoes. Enthusiasts of outdoors activities find a lot to love about Hawaii, so depending on the recipient of this cake, a decorator should consider integrating surf, helicopters, or other outdoor themes. There are many different ideas of design for a Hawaiian birthday cake.

You can design the luau cake to resemble an island. Start with a two-layer round cake. Carve the edges and top of the cake to resemble an island that gradually slopes down to the water. Ice the cake, and cover it with crushed graham crackers to resemble sand. Cover the cake board with blue icing to represent the ocean. Add fondant palm trees, surfboards and other beach items.

Waterfall cake is another great idea. You can stack three round cakes of different sizes to make a three tier cake. Use blue icing to create a flowing waterfall down the front of the cake. Decorate the remainder of the cake in green icing to represent a lush environment. Make rocks out of gray fondant, and place them along the edges of the waterfall. Add a fondant palm tree to the top of the cake.

A tiki-hut cake can be created using round cakes. Stack three round cakes of the same size with icing between the layers. Ice the cake with brown icing. Create a roof for the tiki hut using wooden skewers formed to a point. Add crushed graham crackers around the tiki hut to resemble sand on the beach. Make surfboards from fondant to lean against the tiki hut.

When we think of Hawaii, we will surely think of something related to tropical. Pineapples, mangoes, sugar cane, coffee, and macadamia nuts are just some of the tropical crops for which Hawaii is famous. Tiki statues, gorgeous flowers, grass skirts, and luaus are some of the most popular elements of Hawaiian-themed parties. If a party has this theme, a cake should reflect that as well. Consider a cake made to look like a cartoon pig roasting on a spit, in honor of a traditional pig-roasting at luaus. A party held for a bartender or someone else with a profession to do with alcohol might call for an elaborate cake made to look like the party recipient’s favorite tropical drink. Don’t forget the little umbrella!

A sandy shore cake can make a difference as well. To make a cake that looks like the shores of Hawaii, start with a basic sheet cake of any size. Cover it with white frosting and put a layer of blue icing over half of the cake. Leave bumps and ridges in the blue icing like waves, and cap some of them with white icing. Sprinkle a mixture of brown sugar and crushed vanilla wafer cookies or graham crackers over the other half of the cake as sand. Add some gummy fish, candy rocks and drink umbrellas to complete the scene.

A flip flop cake will convey a festive Hawaiian atmosphere. Trace a flip-flop or draw the shape freehand on a piece of paper to use as a template. Bake a sheet cake and cut out two flip-flops according to your template. Buy or make icing in the color you want the flip-flops to be and smoothly cover them using an angled spatula. Make the straps out of fruit leather, sour fruit strips or licorice cut to the length appropriate for your flip-flops. Pinch the ends together where the straps would go between your toes.

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