Handy Manny Birthday Cake Part 1

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Handy Manny Birthday Cake Part 1

Handy Manny birthday cake can either be bought from local store or self-made. It is not difficult to make one and toppers can be used to make the making process easier. There are also many different types of Handy Manny and one of them is the Graham cake.

Does your child love to play Fix-It shop? Does he or she really love to saw or hammer with toy tools? And does he or she remain glued to the television screen when the show is on? There is absolutely no doubt that your child will love to have a Handy Manny themed party and he will certainly like Handy Manny birthday cake.

A Handy Manny birthday cake is not that difficult to make as long as materials needed and all the steps and procedures are followed properly. If you don’t feel like making one, you can always purchase it from a local store or even order them online.

In order to make one, you will have to prepare the right materials so as to create a great cake. You can add your cake with different Handy Manny cake toppers. The simplest cake will attract the kids if you have the Handy Manny tools as the cake toppers. This cake kit comes with a complete cast of your favorite handy Manny cartoons. Your kids will be glad as they can see their favorite character on top of a delicious cake. It will be best if you’ll choose cake toppers that can be used as your child’s toy right after the party. These cake toppers are durable and are complete with Mr. Fix it buddies. He can even make these as his own collection or decorations to his room. Handy Manny, Dusty, Stretch, Squeeze, Felipe, pat, rusty, and turner will create a wonderful play set.

A variant of Handy Manny birthday cake is the Graham cake. To make a Graham cake, you will need ingredients like Graham biscuits, sugar, all-purpose cream, condense milk, cupcake pan, Handy Manny Cake toppers and also the icing frosting and sprinkles. To start making it, you will have to crash the graham biscuit. You can also use any Choco biscuit brand as long as it is easy to crash. Add the all-purpose cream, sugar and the condense milk. Combine the mixture. Make sure that the mixture is thick. Put the mixture on the cupcake pan. Add the icing frosting at the top of the cupcakes and add the sprinkles. Add the Handy Manny cake toppers on top of the cupcakes. You can use handy Manny cupcake rings or Handy Manny PVC figurine. Finally, put it in the refrigerator for at least 6 to 8 hours.

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