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Golf Birthday Cake

Golf birthday cake is not only for men but it is rather popular as well among the women. Some great ideas of golf cakes include the 3D golf ball cake, golf scene cake and the golf accessories cake.

Golf Birthday Cake Ideas

A golf birthday cake carries the theme of the party to the food table. Many elements of the game of golf transfer well to birthday cakes. The golf fan will appreciate seeing a bit of his passion celebrated at his birthday party. A homemade birthday cake adds a meaningful touch, but these ideas can also be used when ordering a cake from a bakery.

Golf Birthday Cake

You can Use a three dimensional ball pan to make a golf ball cake. These pans typically have two halves that are baked separately and held together with a layer of icing. Slice a small piece off of the rounded side of one half and place that side on the bottom. This will give the cake stability. Place the two halves of the ball together with a layer of icing between the layers. Ice the outside of the ball with a thick layer of white icing. Press the rounded part of a melon baller gently into the icing to create the bumps on a golf ball.

Golf Birthday Cake Decorations

A golf scene is another great idea. Use shades of green to capture the color of a golf course scene. Make a decorated cake featuring a favorite course, club or a single hole. Colored coconut, sugar or graham cracker crumbs can be used for sand traps, and blue decorating gel for water sources. Miniature toy or party decoration golf clubs, golf carts or golf balls can add character to the scene. Top a golf-themed cake with a plastic golfer or golfing bride and groom decoration.

Golf Themed Birthday Cakes

Decorate a golf-themed cake with a golf bag, large golf ball, golf cart, gloves, hat, shirt or other accessory. Add fine details such as color, texture, stitching and logos to the accessory replica cake. The cake can accurately reflect the colors and wear on your favorite golfer’s bag full of clubs. An experienced decorator will use fondant, frosting and sugar to create leather, metal, plastic and cloth. These cakes can be set up on large cake boards or trays to be put on display.

Golf Birthday Cakes

Small cakes less than 9 inches in circumference are great cakes for a single serving or as a gift for the birthday recipient to take home and eat later. For parties or large get together, a full sheet cake will feed up to 30 guests and a custom made cake that includes smaller joined cakes will provide enough cake to feed several guests. The number of birthday cake decorations can by anything from a few embellishments on top of a plain white cake to an entire golf course recreated in small scale on top of a cake. Having a photo sprayed to the entire cake or a small portion of the cake such as a picture of Greg Norman or another famous golfer, as well as a famous golf course such as Augusta National or Pebble Beach, can create a realistic design to a golf themed birthday cake.

Golf Themed Birthday Cake

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