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Football Birthday Cake

Football birthday cake is one of the most popular types of cake for football fans, either adults or kids. There are various designs and patterns for this kind of cake. Creating one is not really a difficult task but you will need to do some prior preparations for the ingredients as well as the techniques that may involve in the process of creating it.

Football Birthday Cake

Football shaped cakes can be baked for many occasions. They can be used for birthday parties, tailgating and Super Bowl parties. They’ve even been used as groom’s cakes. You don’t need special pans or recipes to make football shaped cakes and it doesn’t take a professional cake decorator to get professional results.

Football Birthday Cakes For Kids

Creating a football shaped birthday cake is indeed not a difficult task. Of course, you will need to prepare well especially the ingredients and tools that are required. Some of the ingredients and tools that are required include 1 box of cake mix, 10-inch round pan, knife, chocolate frosting, clean dish towel, pastry bag, 1/2 cup vanilla frosting, basket weave tip, green food coloring and also the coconut flakes.

Football Birthday Cake Ideas

Football Theme Birthday Party

To begin with, you need to mix the cake according to the directions and bake it in the 10 inch round pan. Make sure you grease the pan so the cake comes out easily. Let it stand for 30-45 minutes or until it’s completely cooled. Take the cake out of the pan. You can use a knife to cut around the edges to loosen it. Cut a 2-inch strip from the middle of the cake and remove it. Put the remaining halves of the cake together to form a football. With a knife, you can bevel the top edges of the cake to give it dimension. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting. Let it stand for 30 minutes. If you want to add texture, use a clean towel and gently press it onto the cake.

Football Birthday Cakes

After that, fill the pastry bag with the white frosting. Using the weave tip, draw laces on the football. You can use a basket weave tip to add the two stripes to each end of the football. Place the coconut in a bowl and add 4-5 drops of green food coloring. Mix it until you have a color for grass. Arrange the grass around the bottom of the cake. Use a butter knife to cover the football-shaped cake with an even layer of chocolate icing. Allow the icing to set for 10 minutes. Draw the lacing onto the football in the center. Begin with a long and straight line, placed lengthwise across the center of the cake. Finish the lacing by drawing eight short, evenly placed stripes across the longer line. If you are unsure of placement, look at a photo or real football for guidance.


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