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Fire Truck Birthday Cake

There are many different ways to build and decorate a fire truck birthday cake. It is a popular type of cake for children’s birthday. Creating one is not difficult provided that you follow some procedures and material preparations before diving into making one.

Parents of young children can certainly find that the little ones develop obsessions about their favorite topics like the Fire Engine and absolutely love anything related to them. As a result many birthday parties are held each year with themes related to these favored topics, including the Fire Engine party and fireman party. Of course this makes the kids happy and the parents are happy because their little one is happy.

A Fire Engine birthday party is the ideal party for most little boys and a Fire Engine cake will be perfect for this occasion. A Fire Engine cake, along with other Fire Engine food items will be a great addition to this birthday party theme. This cake can be made by using one rectangular sheet cake and two small round cakes (about the size of a cup). The rectangular cake will be the body of the Fire Engine and the two small round cakes will become the wheels. The fire engine is to be frosted with red frosting (this can be made by mixing red food coloring in with white icing). Once the cake has been frosted, frost the wheels with chocolate icing. Using a variety of candies and frosting decorate the rest of the Fire Engine to make it look authentic.

Once these cakes have been put together and decorated, your Fire Engine cake will come to life. Additional features and party supplies can be added to your Fire Engine to make the Fire Engine theme take shape. You can also purchase a cake pan fire truck mold. Then all you need to do is decorate the cake. Whichever kind of pan you choose, everyone who sees the fire engine cakes that you create will love them.

There are other ideas as well in making a fire truck cake. You can prepare 2 1/2 cans (12 oz. each) fluffy white frosting, 2 whole graham crackers broken in half, (4 squares) and 6 whole graham crackers, license plates: 2 sticks Fruit Stripe gum, siren light: 2 red Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews, 2 family-size frozen pound cakes (16 oz. each), thawed one 12-oz, 7 x 31/4-in. all-butter loaf cake,

2 thin pretzel sticks broken in half, 2 cans (1.5 oz. each) of red decorating spray used as can directs hose, 8 green Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews, 1/4 cup white chocolate chips and 12 thin pretzel sticks, 1 Red Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews and 6 chocolate sandwich cookies and the assorted candies.

To create the hose of the truck, you can roll 2 Fruit Chews together into a 4 1/2-in.-long log. Repeat 3 times. Place all 4 logs side by side on a baking sheet lined with plastic wrap. Press ends together to make 1 long, curving hose. Melt white chocolate to use as glue. Glue 2 pretzels together end to end. Repeat with 6 more pretzels. Place on plastic wrap. When dry, place parallel, cut remaining pretzels to fit for rungs, glue in place and let dry. This will create the ladder for the truck. For the tire, cut red Fruit Chews in 6 equal pieces; roll each into a ball, flatten and press onto cookies. Snip tip off 1 corner; pipe bolts on tires. Add to lined baking sheet. The vents on sides of truck you can cut 3/4 in. off 1 graham cracker square. Cut 3/4-in.-wide piece in half crosswise; pipe lines on both pieces. Roll Fruit Chews together into a 2-in.-long log. Pipe a line crosswise in center; place on plastic wrap. Using frosting as glue, glue 3 whole graham crackers on top of each other. Repeat with another 3 whole crackers, then with remaining 3 half crackers (you’ll have 3 stacks: 2 of 3 whole crackers, 1 of 3 half crackers). Place stacks end to end down middle of serving surface. Frost the top and sides of the cake. Spread a thin layer of frosting over truck to set crumbs, and then frost truck, carefully frosting inside of hose bed. To hold ladders in place later, partially insert halved pretzel sticks in place on both sides of truck. Cover exposed area of serving surface with wax paper. Choose a well-ventilated area; following directions on decorating spray can, spray cake to coat. Remove wax paper. Press tires in place. Carefully set hose and ladders in place. Press on vents, license plates, siren light, valves and knobs.

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