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Fancy Birthday Cakes

Fancy birthday cakes can be very costly especially when you are ordering a professionally customized one. Creating your own fancy cakes does not require much professional knowledge as well. You only need the right ingredients and tools plus some simple instructions or steps for fancy decoration.

Purchasing a readymade birthday cake from the bakeries may be very expensive. Creating and decorating a fancy birthday cake is not as difficult as one may think of since all it requires is the right ingredients and a feasible fancy design idea. Homemade birthday cake is also cheaper in price as compared to those professionally made ones.

Before you delve into decorating a fancy birthday cake, it is very important that you have a plan of the tools, the design, and the ingredients. The tools and the ingredients that will be required for making a fancy birthday cake include the serrated knife, paintbrush, butter cream, fondant, Confectioner’s sugar, small brush, fondant adhesive, etching tool, and the piping bag. After you had prepared all the necessary materials, you can start the process by following some simple steps. Through these simple steps, you can create a fancy birthday cake in a breeze.

First and foremost, before starting the process of decorating the cake, you will need to trim away the edges of the cake which are rough or uneven by using the serrated knife. Then you will need to clean up the surface of the cake so as to remove any scraps that can be found on the cake by using the paintbrush.

After you had done with that, next, you can go ahead and apply the cream to the surface as well as other parts of the cake. Make sure that the cream applied is of a uniform layer. This is to ensure that the fondant of the cake will have an area to be firmly entrenched to. Next, you can enclose the fondant with your hands and slowly apply it to the cake. At first the fondant applied may not seem smooth and even, so in order to ensure that, you will need to apply a gentle force to smooth the surface of the cake so as to remove any uneven swells or ripples that emerged.

With a smooth surface ready, now you can spread some confectioner’s sugar on the top of your cake-making area. Then, you cut out a small circle-base which measured a diameter of 2 inches and by using the cut-out, create a fondant bow. After you had created it, you can slice up several strips which are equivalent in size from the fondant. The next thing you need to do is to combine the end of each of the strips and form a loop out of them. Accumulate these loops until a ribbon forms and fill in the center with a single loop.

Now you are ready to make a fancy leaves from the fondant. This is fairly simple since all you need to do is just slice out the fondant following the shape of a leaf. If you have any difficulty in slicing the shape, you can always use a metal cutter to aid you with the process. With only the leaf shape is certainly not enough for a fancy look. The leaves will need to be more realistic and you will need to etch the veins with an etching tool and then let the crafted leaves sit until they are completely dry.

Finally, you can make the fondant to hold more firmly by using the fondant adhesive. The cake is ready to be decorated with some fancy designs. You can apply those creative designs with butter cream icing in a piping bag and form little beads as a border between the cake layers. For complementing the leaves that you had just created, you can create some pipe flowers so as to enhance the overall looks and feels of the cake.

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