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Elmo Birthday Cake

Elmo birthday cake can be created easily without any specialized skill. You can use a variety of cake toppers or sugar icing in the decoration of the cake. These materials are easily available in most of the local stores or online retailers.

Elmo is one of the lovely characters in the famous Sesame Street TV show. Most children or even older teens like the adorable Elmo and if your child happens to like Elmo as well, it will be the greatest gift for them if an Elmo birthday cake is prepared for his or her birthday celebration.

When it comes to preparing an Elmo birthday cake, you can actually opt for a custom-made or a pre-made cake. Creating an Elmo birthday cake is not a difficult task but you will need to some prior preparation regarding the materials as well as the procedures for making the cake. In fact, there are many different ways of creating an Elmo birthday cake. You can make use of an edible cake topper designs and decorate the cake nicely within minutes. Moreover, Elmo figurines can be used as well and usually these figurines are reusable and washable for later use. By using these figurines, the whole decoration process is simplified and an Elmo-design cake can be created instantly without any professional skill.

Besides that, there is also another way of creating the Elmo birthday cake and that is by using an edible photo of Elmo. This type of material can be purchased in most of the local party supply store, bakery retailer, or craft and hobby retailer. You can even personalize it by making your own from printable rice paper or edible photo paper. After you have all the required materials, start by making a smooth later of frosting on the top of the cake. Then you will need to remove any backing from the photo transfer and put it on top of the cake. If you want to simplify the whole process, you can perhaps use a sheet cake which is much easier to apply for the photo transfers. With a minimum of cake decorating skill, you can complete an Elmo birthday cake in a breeze.

There is another easiest way of making an Elmo birthday cake which only requires you to apply a simple decoration Elmo-shaped sugar icing decorations. You can purchase a plain layered cake from the local bakery and obtain the Elmo sugar icing from a local grocery stores, party stores, or even online specialty retailers. The overall process is pretty simple and straight forward whereby you just need to take a dab of the frosting and apply it to the decoration. After the application, you will need to take another important step in sticking the decoration on the top or sides of your cake and make sure that it is affix firmly to the position you wish to put.

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