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Dragon Birthday Cake

Dragon birthday cake is a unique type of cake and it can give a different feel to the birthday. There are many different types of designs for a dragon birthday cake and making one will require some planning and preparation.

Children love birthday parties, if for nothing more than the birthday cake. Give the kids a thrill with a better-than-average cake. A legendary dragon cake is a real show stopper.

It is not as difficult as it may sounds. But to ease the making process, you will need to do some prior planning and preparations such as preparing the materials and utensils as well as deciding on the designs of the cake.

There are many different types of designs for a dragon birthday cake. Some examples include breath-fire dragon cake, baby dragon cake, and also the dragon logo cake. In order to create the cake, you will need to follow some simple steps or procedures.

First of all, you need to bake a normal cake in two 9-inch cake rounds according to directions. Let cool completely. Cut one of the rounds in half. Use the other cake round to make the rest of the dragon body and head. Cut a crescent shape from the outside edge of the cake and use as the tail. Cut 2 rectangular shapes from half of the remaining center for the head and neck. Take the rest of the cake and make quarter circles for the back haunches and front legs.

Assemble the dragon. Stick the 2 body pieces together with frosting and place them upright on the counter. Frost the entire cake with any colored frosting you desire. Use the edge of a spoon to make imprints like scales. Cut chocolate-covered graham cookies in half diagonally. Set the halves upright down the center of the back and tail of the dragon as spine detail. Use candy corn or orange candy slices for toes. Put 2 chocolate kisses point side down as nostrils. Cut a large marshmallow in half for the eyes. Stick a chocolate-coated candy in the center of each marshmallow eye with a little frosting.

You can as well paint the dragon. Use the icing to paint the entire body, head, neck and tail. Make sure to use the icing to cover the places where the pieces intersect. This will smooth out the joint areas and make the four pieces look like one complete creature.

Then, take 2 fruit roll-ups and trim them to look like wings. Roll one edge onto a wooden skewer. Stick these to the sides of the cake just before serving. Finally, cut up several pieces of yellow, orange and red fruit roll-ups into long, curvy pieces to resemble fire. Place the fire as if it is coming out of the mouth. Now, the dragon cake is ready for the party and it will surely make a difference.

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