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Dora Birthday Cake

Dora is a very popular television cartoon and it is a suitable theme to use for birthday cake if the kid likes it. Some examples of this kind of cake’s design and pattern include the Dora doll cake, Dora dress cake, as well as character-scene cake.

Many young children enjoy the television cartoon “Dora the Explorer.” When a child’s birthday rolls around, she might request a Dora-themed party. Carry the Dora theme through to the birthday cake. This show, which features several characters that help children learn all sorts of things using English and Spanish, offers lots of possibilities for birthday cakes.

If you are not comfortable creating your own Dora cake, choose a cake pan shaped like the main character. Bake the cake in the Dora cake pan and allow it to cool completely. Then, use a picture of Dora to decorate the cake so that it looks even more like the cartoon character. Use food coloring to dye vanilla frosting or use frosting gels in a variety of colors to create the cake.

Create a cake using a Dora doll that will look like she is dressed up for the birthday party. Bake a cake in an oven-safe mixing bowl so that when you turn it out it has a flat bottom but looks tall and oval. The cake will serve as the skirt of Dora’s dress. Remove the clothing from your Dora doll and place it directly into the top of the cake feet first. Submerge her in the cake up to her waist. Next, frost the cake so that it looks like her skirt. You could use one color or create a pattern. Continue the frosting up onto Dora’s chest and shoulders so that it looks like she is wearing the dress.

Bake a rectangular sheet cake to create a cake that looks like a scene out of “Dora the Explorer.” The television show often features forest scenes, so frost the cake green with a blue stream running through it. Use plastic tree figurines, or make your own using a pretzel stick with green frosting on the top of it. Purchase Dora character figurines from a toy store and wash them thoroughly. Place them on the cake to complete it.

Some children would prefer small cupcakes over a large cake. Bake the cupcakes and they frost them in a color that coordinates with the colors of the party. Next, top each cake with a plastic ring that has a picture of Dora on it. Another idea is to frost each cupcake with light brown frosting and then pipe Dora’s eyes, nose and mouth onto it. Use black frosting to pipe her hair around the edges of the cupcakes.

Children love different things at different ages so it’ s important to ask them, idea or at least know what TV programs, movies, and sports activities they enjoy. Ice the cake and the top of the doll to make it appear that the doll is fully dressed. CiCi~ Happy Birthday Cake making! Invert cake on plate and spread Gouache on top and sides. Grease and flour 2 round layer pans, 8 or 9×1 1/ 2 inches. You can order for a simple white wedding cakes and decorate it with flowers and other accessories.

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