Disney Cars Birthday Cake

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Disney Cars Birthday Cake

Disney cars birthday cake is one of the most popular types of cake among the kids. Making this kind of cake is indeed not difficult provided that you have a design in mind and the materials required. You may follow some simple steps to create the cake in no time.

Cars Birthday Cakes

“Cars” is a popular Disney movie released in 2006 that follows the life of rookie sports car Lightning McQueen and the friends he meets along the way. Not only is this movie exceptionally popular, it is also a very popular birthday theme. If your child is requesting a “Cars” cake for his birthday, don’t worry. Decorating a “Cars” cake is simple. Consult a picture and you’ll have a cake with his favorite “Cars” character in no time.

Disney Cars Cakes

Making the cake is not really difficult but it does require some prior preparation and planning. You can start by finding a printable picture of a character from the movie “Cars” on Disney’s “Cars” website or on any site with pictures from the movie. Ensure the picture is in color and is close to the same size as the cake to be decorated. If the picture is too small, adjust your printer’s settings to print a zoomed version.

Disney Car Birthday Cake

Then you print out the picture and cut it out carefully, following the lines exactly. Using the sharpest point of your scissors, make a slit on the lines in the picture to create a makeshift stencil. For instance, cut a slit around the details on the wheels, around the windshield and outlining the race car number.

Disney Cars Birthday Cake

Lay the picture on top of the cake. Carefully hold the picture in place while using a toothpick to trace around the outside of the picture, outlining it completely. Be careful not to shift the picture at all. Run your toothpick along the cuts you made inside the lines of the picture to trace the details onto the cake. Remove the paper. Cut the excess cake from the edges of the car.

Disney Cars Birthday Cakes

Separate the white icing into bowls, basing the amount you will need for each color according to the picture. For instance, if you are decorating Lighting McQueen, you will need red icing most, with a little yellow and orange icing. Mix food coloring with the different icings until you reach the desired colors.

Disney Pixar Cars Birthday Cake

Drop a few drops of orange food coloring into the bowl with the smaller amount of icing and color the larger amount of icing red. Spread the red and orange frosting on the car based on the marks you made with the toothpicks. Use the black gel icing to color in the tires and the lines of the car. Also use the black icing to make two small pupils on the windshield of the car. Use the blue gel icing to make blue irises around the pupil. Write a “happy birthday” message on the hood of the car using the black icing.

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