Despicable Me Birthday Cake Ideas

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Despicable Me Birthday Cake Ideas

If you talk about few of the most successful movies of yesteryears then you will find that 2010 animated film Despicable Me is among the Top tens. This was not a Disney/Pixar animated film, Neither it was from the Dreamworks studios. Call me a kid at heart, but even at my age I love the Despicable Me movies.



They are undeniably cute, outrageously funny and the characters are absolutely charming. Especially the minions! Unpredictable and mischievous, they’ll keep you in stitches with their clowning! They always bring a smile, and that’s a great reason to celebrate those cute little guys in cake form.



From these stats you can understand how popular this film is. Thanks to the cute minions. Being an animated kids film, Despicable Me’s fan following includes millions of kids across the globe. If you have an idea of throwing a Minions themed or a Despicable Me themed party, here are some cake ideas.



A Good idea is to bake a Minion cake of your choice and then bake cupcakes with different style of minion faces over it. Why not add some Despicable Me minion cupcakes and cookies with your awesome birthday cake!?


A Sitting minion cake would be more easy than a standing one.

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