Cupcake Birthday Cake

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Cupcake Birthday Cake

Cupcake birthday cake tends to be a new trend in the making of birthday cake. It is very popular not only for the kids but also the adults. There are varieties of patterns and themes for cupcake birthday cakes and some prominent ones include the fairy tale themed cupcake birthday cake, spring-themed cupcake birthday cake and also the animal-themed cupcake birthday cake.

Cupcake Birthday Cakes

Cupcake cakes, or pull-apart cakes, are an alternative to a traditional cake that allows for easy and mess-free serving. The cakes are simple to make and can be assembled into a multitude of shapes to coordinate with any party’s theme. Cover the completed shape in a thick layer of whipped frosting or decorate each cupcake individually before arranging them into the final shape.

Birthday Cupcake Cake

Transform cupcakes into animals such as lions, teddy bears or butterflies. For a lion, arrange the cupcakes into a circular shape for the face, with cupcakes around the face for the mane. Cover the cake with different shades of yellow frosting. For a teddy bear cake, make circles for the head and tummy, and then use single cupcakes for the paws and ears. Brown would be an appropriate frosting color. For a butterfly, spread a layer of frosting on each cupcake individually and then arrange them into a butterfly shape. Attach black licorice antennae to one of the cupcakes for a completed cake.

Cupcakes Birthday Cakes

Choose from a variety of fairy tale-themed cupcake cakes for a prince or princess party. Arrange the cupcakes into a ball gown shape and decorate the cake with layers of whipped frosting and sugar paste flowers. More experienced cake decorators can also arrange the cupcakes into a crown shape and cover the shape with frosting to match the party’s color scheme. For a bejeweled look, add candy “gemstones” to the crown. Alternatively, arrange the cupcakes into a castle shape and add windows, doors and other decorations with frosting or fondant cutout shapes.

Cupcake Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Cupcakes

For a springtime party, make the cupcakes look like flower blossoms. Arrange them into a single flower shape and use frosting to decorate the petals. Or turn a large batch of cupcakes into a bouquet of flowers, complete with stems. Arrange four or five cupcakes into a flower shape and then make an additional seven or eight “flowers” in the same fashion. Use lines of cupcakes or green licorice to make the stems. Decorate the flowers with different colors of frosting and use green frosting for the stems. Finish off the bouquet with a decorative fondant ribbon across the stems.

Birthday Cupcake Cakes

For a decadent appetizer for your next soiree, serve savory cupcakes. Put your own twist on a classic with Macaroni Cheese cupcakes. Prepare your favorite recipe for macaroni and cheese. To firm it up mixes in herbed breadcrumbs until moderately stiff. Spray each cupcake liner with a cooking spray. Form the macaroni mixture into each lining and finish the top with grated Parmesan. Bake in oven set at 350 F until golden brown. Serve immediately. You can use the same technique for casserole and pasta recipes. Just be sure that the mixture isn’t too runny for the liner. Additional cupcake ideas are Cous Cous cupcakes and Tomato Basil cupcakes. Turn your cupcakes into the talk of the party by using a show-stopping savory cupcake recipe.

Cupcake Birthday Cake

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