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Birthday Cakes

Creative Birthday Cakes Ideas for All Kind of Parties & Events

Creative Birthday Cakes

Creative birthday cakes are easily available in most local bakeries. You can even make it more creative by tailoring one yourself. Birthday cakes can be made to look like anything, and the beauty of a creative cake is how personalized it can be. You can get many different types of ideas from anywhere like the Internet, books, or some magazines.

Celebrating birthdays with a homemade cake is a thoughtful way to enhance any party and will also save you money by replacing an overpriced bakery cake. The range of tools and accessories available for cake building and decorating make it possible for bakers of any skill level to sculpt and decorate a cake for any birthday, and a handful of useful resources can help you choose a creative design.

Birthday cakes can be made to look like anything, and the beauty of a creative cake is how personalized it can be. The first consideration is what theme to use. Brainstorm hobbies, pets, favorite foods or places that could be made into a cake.

Once you choose a subject, you need to decide if your cake will be flat or three-dimensional. Flat cakes are easier to assemble and decorate, but three-dimensional cakes look more realistic. Molded cake pans are readily available for many themes, especially popular ones like princesses or racecars. If you are assembling a cake on your own, remember that complicated cakes often involve baking several smaller cakes and joining the pieces with frosting; don’t think you need to bake one huge cake to sculpt your design.

For example, to make a Barbie cake you could use a sheet cake as the base, a mixing bowl to make Barbie’s skirt and a Barbie doll inserted into the cake up to her waist to complete the look. An Army tank cake might use a sheet cake as the bottom and a loaf pan as the top compartment and round cookies to make the wheels on the side. Look through all the dishes in your kitchen to find the shapes you need; consider baking in bowls or measuring cups to get the right silhouette. Just be sure your dishes are oven-safe before you fill them with batter.

Once you’ve baked the cake and have a plan for assembling it, it’s time to think about decorating. If you are new to cake decorating, using ready-made white frosting and adding food coloring is an easy way to achieve the right aesthetic, and the frosting will be easy to apply. If you are more experienced, consider working with fondant or marzipan, which will give the cake a smoother, more professional look. Inexpensive cake decorating kits are a wise investment; they come with different attachments, are re-usable and allow you to be more precise when you apply frosting.

If your cake has several different pieces, use frosting to bring the look together. For a Barbie cake, frosting would cover the cake skirt and extend up to the doll’s chest and shoulders to form a realistic-looking dress; for an Army tank, frost the body of the tank with green and accent it with brown and black camouflage, making a unified tank out of two separate cake pieces. If your decorating plan includes details like flowers, writing or complicated shapes, practice on a piece of paper before working directly on the cake. It’s easier to practice than to fix a mistake after it’s been made, especially if you’re using dark frosting.

Be it fancy decorations or an interesting interior, there are plenty of cakes a bit more unique than the standard vanilla cake and buttercream, and the spike in popularity of red velvet cake proves just that. Creative ideas are unlimited and it all depends on how you want to create the cake.

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