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Cow Birthday Cake

There are many different types of cow birthday cake which you can make it yourself or purchase from a local bakery. Some examples of cow birthday cake include the fondant spot cow cake, fondant face cow cake, the cow cupcake, and also the cow sheet cake.

For a cow-themed birthday party, the ideal cake is one that has a cow theme to it as well. There are several different types of cow cakes that you can make to suit a recipient of any age. Whether for cupcakes, an iced cake or a cake that you decorate with fondant, creating a fun and visually appealing cow theme does not have to be difficult.

This is a simple cake idea with an unmistakable cow theme. Fondant is a type of smooth icing that you roll flat and apply to the top of a cake after you ice it with ordinary frosting or icing. Ice the cake as usual using a white or black frosting, and then apply a layer of rolled white fondant to the top and sides of the cake. Use a rubber spatula to smooth the fondant out before adding decorations. Roll out a sheet of black or brown fondant in the same thickness. Carefully cut out cow spot-shaped pieces and apply to the cake in the same manner.

This is another cow birthday cake idea that involves fondant, though you will need pink in addition to white and black. Ice and cover a round cake with rolled white fondant, creating a smooth layer on the top and sides of the cake. Roll out fondant in all three colors and design your accents. Add a pink snout to the face, and then create a mouth from a strip of black. Create a few free-form spots for the face, and then add large white eyes with black fondant pupils. Create ears from black fondant, and then add a small bit of pink to the inside as you add them to the top of the head. You may also consider rolling white fondant into horn shapes and attaching the horns to the top of the head between the ears.

The cupcake cake concept involves arranging un-iced cupcakes in a specific shape, then icing them all together to form a cake that does not require cutting. Bake your cupcakes and arrange them on a platter in the shape of a cow head. Once you have arranged them in the desired shape, use a piping bag to apply icing around the border, and then gradually fill in the design until you have a frosting base to decorate. Your cupcake cake should begin to resemble your finished product, a cow face, as you add details like pink inner ears, a pink snout, black or beige spots, black eyes and white horns. This idea is great for a young child’s birthday party or taking a cake to class because you will not need a knife to distribute it.

Another type of cow birthday cake is the cow sheet cake. Making this cow sheet cake is fun, and very simple. It involves a lot of chocolate, including Oreos! The first step towards making this cow sheet cake is baking a sheet cake. (I hope you already knew this….) You may want to bake two sheet cakes, if you pan isn’t very deep. Then, ice the cake with chocolate butter cream icing. Make sure the icing is smooth. After icing the cake, pipe the bottom and top edges with chocolate frosting or butter cream icing. Then, use a fence cake topper, which you can purchase below, and add it down the middle of your cake. On one side, sprinkle Oreo crumbs until the cover the whole cake. On the other, pipe it with green frosting. Finally, add your cake toppers, such as the cows, other animals, and your tractor! This will surely create a difference as compared to conventional birthday cake.

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