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Circus Birthday Cakes

Circus birthday cakes can have many different designs and patterns. They are great for kids who like circus. Some examples of the design include the circus tent, elephant on the ball, lion head, clown cupcakes, and also the cotton candy cake.

Bring the circus to town for your child’s birthday celebration. The circus theme lends itself to many fun activities and decorations. A fun cake with the circus theme adds a special touch to the food table. Even those with only basic cake-decorating skills can make a circus-themed cake.

Bake two eight-inch round cakes and a dome-shaped cake. Specialty cake pans are available to create the dome-shaped cake. Stack the two round cakes with a layer of icing in the middle. Ice the round cakes in a solid color or with stripes of varying colors. Carve the cooled dome cake to come to a point for the top of the circus tent. Ice the dome cake in a solid color or with varying colored stripes. Place the dome cake on top of the round cake. Use the star icing tip attached to a cake-decorating pastry bag or tube to create a shell border where the base and the roof of the circus tent meet. Make a triangular shaped flag out of paper. Attach it to a toothpick or piece of a wooden skewer. Place it in the top of the tent. Add small clown or animal figures around the circus-tent cake.

Bake a cake in a three dimensional ball pan. These pans have two halves to the sphere which are stuck together with icing once they are baked and cooled. Slice a small piece off of the bottom of one of the ball halves to provide stability for the ball. Place the cut side down on the cake board. Add a layer of icing and place the other half of the cake on top to create the ball. Ice the ball in a solid color or with stripes. Create an elephant out of fondant or use a toy elephant. Place the elephant on top of the ball.

Use a round cake of any size as the head of a lion. Ice the cake with yellow frosting. Use a darker shade of yellow icing with a round icing tip to make strands of hair for the mane around the lion’s head. Ice the facial details on the lion, including the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. Use two cupcakes for the ears. Ice them in yellow and place them next to the face of the lion. The cake can be adapted to make the face of a tiger.

Instead of a large cake, serve cupcakes that look like clown faces. Ice the cooled cupcakes with white frosting. Use a combination of icing and small candies to create the facial details of the clowns. Use cotton candy to create the hair of the clown. Make a small bow tie from fondant to place at the bottom of each clown cupcake.

Moreover, you can also make a simple circus cake by covering any size or shape of cake with frosting of your choice. Decorate the outer edge with frosted animal crackers, colored marshmallows and other colorful candies. Purchase cotton candy to match the party colors and carefully arrange it on top of the cake just before serving. Add a few large lollipops as cake toppers or decorate ice cream cones with frosting to create clown hats and place them on the cake.

You can purchase small, plastic balloons to attach to the cake or use globs of colorful frosting to represent balloons. Stand a couple of the animal crackers on top of the cake, if you want, or just leave the top of the cake blank. You’ll find plastic balloons and other cake embellishments at craft stores and places that sell cake making supplies. Making your own circus birthday cake is not as difficult as you may think.

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