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Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate birthday cake is perhaps the most popular type of birthday cake since many people just love chocolate. There are many different designs and patterns that can be employed for a chocolate birthday cake and some examples are the chocolate gouache, chocolate molded designs, as well as the chocolate topped cake.

Gluten Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate cakes are a favorite and with good reason. They are delicious, can be casual or formal, rich and luscious or simple and quick. Your chocolate cakes, whether intended for a dinner party dessert, a birthday or simple snacks for the kids, can be as pretty as they are tasty. Fortunately, decorating a chocolate cake does not have to require a lot of time, effort or cake-decorating skill if you know a few simple tricks.

Best Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate gouache is an excellent option for icing, glazing or decorating any chocolate cake. Gouache is made by warming cream and chocolate together, whisking until the two become a single substance. The proportions may vary depending upon your intended use. Gouache can be whipped to form a frosting, poured to form a glaze, piped like buttercream or used as a filling in your chocolate cake. Gouache recipes typically start at a 1 cup of double cream to 0.454kg of dark chocolate; however, more or less cream may be used depending upon the desired effect. Use chocolate gouache to frost or glaze your chocolate cakes for a rich and glossy look.

Chocolate Birthday Cake Ideas

Chocolate curls and molded chocolate can be made by simply melting a good quality chocolate. Thin chocolate curls can be made by slightly warming the chocolate then shaving curls off the block with a peeler. Larger chocolate curls require that you melt the chocolate in a double boiler and cool in the refrigerator for 10 minutes in a 1/4 in. thick layer on a baking tray. Use a metal spatula to roll curls off of the sheet, and then lift carefully with a toothpick. Shapes may also be cut out of a prepared thin layer of chocolate with a sharp knife or cookie cutter. Use these curls and shapes to decorate chocolate cakes.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Some of the best ideas for decorating chocolate cakes are also some of the easiest. Place a paper doily on top of your cooled chocolate cake. Sprinkle the top of the cake with cocoa powder or icing sugar and remove the doily. Top chocolate cakes with whipped cream instead of icing right before serving for a light and pretty look. Simply pour melted chocolate into a plastic bag with a zipper closure and snip the end of one corner off. Drizzle the chocolate as desired, and then toss the bag. Fresh berries are another excellent choice for chocolate cake decorating.

Chocolate Birthday Cakes

For elegant finish to a dinner party, chocolate cake topped with whipped cream provides a show-stopping dessert. The richness of chocolate is balanced by the light whipped cream topping, which makes a dessert that will have guests asking for seconds, even if they’re full. The varieties of chocolate cake combined with whipped cream topping options, create endless flavor combinations for any occasion.

German Chocolate Birthday Cake

Homemade Chocolate Birthday Cake

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