Castle Birthday Cakes For Girls

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Castle Birthday Cakes For Girls

Every girls dream to live in a castle and enjoy its elegance and luxury. Therefore, having a castle birthday cake is indeed considered a great birthday present for them. Some common but creative ideas for this kind of cake include the Disney’s Princess castle cake, fondant castle cake, 3D castle cake as well as the ice-cream cone castle cake.

Castle Birthday Cakes

Making a princess castle cake can be a great addition to any child’s birthday celebration. It can be as simple or as complex as your skill level and imagination make possible. Generally speaking, the colors used to decorate a princess castle cake are pastels. Because of this white cake icing is a preferred type of icing. It is good as an adhesive and holds color well.

Castle Birthday Cake

A simple decoration idea is to ice your cake and add plastic figurines to it. There are a variety of plastic cake decorations available at baking supply stores. You should plan out how you want to arrange the figurines in advance and ice the cake in matching or complimentary colors. As an alternative, you can purchase a toy castle intended as a gift and put that on the cake. Another alternative is to purchase a toy castle and make a princess cake to go with it. Make a dome shaped cake for a dress and insert a plastic doll torso into the top.

Castle Birthday Cakes For Girls

If you are an experienced cake maker, you can make multi-tiered cakes and give each level a different princess theme. Some theme possibilities are evil queens, dragons and heroes. Your cake can present one theme or multiple themes. Rolled fondant offers many decorating possibilities for this cake. You can make many decorative elements out of it. You could also purchase a multi-level stand and make individual cupcakes, each with a miniature doll in it and the cupcake decorated as her dress. Some of the cupcakes can be created with some of the themes given above.

Castle Cakes For Girls

While small replicas of pink and purple 3D castles are generally what spring to mind when thinking of princess castle cakes, sheet cakes are also a possibility for those who lack the skills to make small-scale model cakes. Make a rectangular cake, draw a princess castle using pinks and purples on the rectangle and leave as is, or trace around the cake design and remove the excess cake. A blue and red sheet castle cake with the child’s name emblazoned on the front of the castle is also an option.

Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Disney princesses are often favorites for princess castle cakes. Create a blue and yellow castle cake for Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” or a castle cake featuring vines and bramble icing growing up from its base via “Sleeping Beauty.” Use figurines of each princess as toppers in your cake designs, or use figurines of many Disney princesses to make a general princess cake.

Princess Castle Cake

Ice cream cones are ideal for creating castle towers as well. Use different types of cones, such as waffle cones for large towers, sugar cones for added sweetness, or standard ice cream cones for creating more rounded towers. Dip the cones in fudge and add candies such as jimmies, M&Ms, Reese’s and pieces of chocolate or white chocolate. Coating the cones with frosting is another option and provides you with the opportunity to create a variety of colored castle towers. Also try using cones for ice cream castle cakes.

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