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Cartoon Birthday Cake

There are various designs and patterns for a cartoon birthday cake and choosing a nice-looking design will most probably depends on your preferences and liking. Creating this kind of cake at home is not necessarily a difficult task. However, you will need to prepare the right tools and materials prior to making the cake.

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Making a birthday cake with your child’s favourite cartoon character can be a way to make her next birthday a memorable one. Unfortunately, custom cakes can be very expensive to purchase. If you want to try decorating a cake at home, a premade cake pan in your child’s favourite character shape gives you a good start. Then add frosting and decorations and create a fun party centrepiece. Even if you don’t have much decorating experience, creating a cartoon character cake is something you can do at home.

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First of all, you should purchase a cake pan shaped like the character you want to decorate. Bake the type of cake you want from scratch or a cake mix. Cool the cake for at least one hour after it bakes. Prepare buttercream frosting, using either a favourite recipe or one from a cookbook or the Internet. Whip the frosting until it is light and fluffy. You will be using the frosting to create a crumb coat, as well as for your final decorations.

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Place the cake gently on a serving plate. Tuck small strips of waxed paper underneath the bottom edges of the cake, covering the exposed serving plate, to prevent frosting from dripping onto the plate while you are decorating. Spoon frosting onto the middle of the cake and smooth out toward the edges with the offset spatula. Once the top of the cake is covered, frost the sides of the cake, holding the spatula at a 90-degree angle. This layer of frosting should be as thin as possible because you will add more sometime later.

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To start the cartoon decoration process, first, you can look at a picture of the cartoon character to view the colours of frosting specific to that character. Keep the picture beside you while you are decorating. Swirl a small amount of colouring into the frosting with a toothpick and then mix well with a spoon. Remember that you can always add more colour to the frosting if needed, but it’s nearly impossible to take it away. Attach a star tip to the decorating bag. Hold the bag in one hand and fold the top down, inside out over your hand, about a third of the way up from the tip of the bag. Fill the bag with approximately 1/2 cup of frosting, patting it in with the spatula.

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After that, you will need to hold the bag at the twist with one hand and support the tip with the other. The star tip will create rosettes of frosting on your cake. Use a plate and practice making rosettes by placing the tip perpendicular to the plate and squeezing gently as you pull the tip away from the plate. The rosettes should as uniform as possible. Squeeze rosettes, touching each other, in straight lines to fill in the cartoon character. For example, if the character has a blue shirt, use blue rosettes to fill in the shirt. Continue placing rosettes on the cake, switching colours as needed to replicate the cartoon character. Create facial features and details using the round tip. Make buttons by drawing a small, filled-in circle on the cake, or add freckles made of small black dots on the cheeks. Use the round tip to write a personal message on the cake. Add sprinkles, figurines, chocolate shavings and candles to embellish the cake more if you wish.

Cartoon Birthday Cake

Cartoon Birthday Cakes

If you have never designed a cake, work with several different frostings before your attempt so you can decide which will be the best for your design. Consider the temperature be during the party or if the party will be outside. You need to adequately protect your cake so your design does not get ruined in hot or humid temperatures. Also, think about the number of guests. Make sure your design allows for plenty of cake for everyone at the party.

Cartoon Chocolate Birthday Cake

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