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Cars Birthday Cake

Kids, especially boys, love cars and it is a great idea to organize a cars themed birthday party for them with cars birthday cake. When it comes to choosing a suitable kind of cars birthday cake, you can either opt for purchase a readymade or create one yourself. Various designs can be used and some examples include the race track cake, and the race car shaped birthday cake.

Cars are perhaps one of the prominent birthday party themes for kids today. When you are planning for a cars birthday party, it is crucial that you prepare a birthday cake which emphasizes the birthday theme. This will not only give a mood which complement the birthday theme, but also a memorable party for the kids. There are many ways of doing it and it is always a better choice to personalize the cake based on your kid’s preferences in cars.

If you are looking for an easy way, you can perhaps try out the shaped cake pans which are available in most local baking suppliers. You can select the best one to fit your child’s preferences like, for example, if the child has a favor towards racing car, you can use the car pan shape and personalize it according to the colors of racing cars.

If you do not feel like to use the car cake pan, you can make your own car using creative cake placement and cake-carving techniques. One very popular way for creating a car shape is to bake three cakes in standard loaf pans. After that, you will need to place two of the cakes together for the base of the cake and then add the third cake on top of it to create the top of the car. If you possess the carving skills, you can make use of some sheet cakes and carve out a shape of a car out of the sheet cakes. You can also use a template of a picture of a car and trace it with your knife to make a basic car shape.

Another creative idea is to create cars cupcakes which is an easy way for serving a single portion. Cupcakes can be a lot easier to make than normal cakes and you can make use of various cupcake toppers and plastic objects to decorate and design the cupcakes. You can find this stuff very easily and are usually found in the baking supply stores or craft stores. If you’re more artistic, you can mold modeling chocolate into the shapes of cars and place those on top of the cupcakes as decoration and it will certainly stands out.

Depending on the types of cars party theme that you choose, for instance, if you are throwing a racecar party, you can create a race track cake by making a simple sheet cake and frost it in order to create the basic shape of the race track. For the decoration part, you can perhaps use some small toy cars to simulate the car race and the kids will surely get excited with it.

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