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Bowling Birthday Cake

Bowling birthday cake is suitable for those who like bowling sport. There are many different types of designs and patterns for bowling birthday cakes and choosing one will mostly depend on your preferences and liking. Some examples of these designs include bowling lane cake, bowling ball cake, bowling pin cake, as well as the bowling shoes cake.

Bowling fans will enjoy a birthday party themed after the sport they love. A creative birthday cake with a bowling theme will accent the food table and make the guest of honor smile. The bowling birthday cake ideas are easy enough to make at home with basic cake decorating skills.

There are many different types of designs and patterns for a bowling birthday cake. For a bowling lane cake, cut a sheet cake in half lengthwise. Stack the two halves with icing between them. Ice the cake with brown frosting. Add lines of lighter icing to create a wood grain look. Create bumpers along the edge with a thick line of frosting. Use a set of bowling pin candles, or make your own bowling pins from fondant. Use a gumball for the bowling ball. Place it on the bowling lane.

You can make a bowling ball cake by using a spherical or ball cake pan to bake a bowling ball cake. Cut a small piece off of the rounded edge of one of the halves to create a flat surface. This will prevent the cake from rolling. Use a layer of frosting to hold the two halves of the ball cake together. Use a melon baller to cut out the finger holes in the bowling ball cake. Ice the cake with frosting in your preferred color.

Bowling pin is another kind of design for bowling cake. Make a template for the cake by tracing a bowling pin shape on a piece of thin cardboard. Cereal boxes work well. Lay the template on top of the cooled sheet cake. Cut around the template with a knife to create the bowling pin cake. Ice the cake with white frosting. Add the red bands along the neck of the bowling pin. Use a round pan iced with black frosting to make a bowling ball to accompany the bowling pin.

Besides that, you can also make a bowling shoes cake. You can use a sheet cake as the base for a pair of three dimensional bowling shoes. Cut the sheet cake in half width wise. Each half will be carved into a bowling shoe. Create a template for the basic shoe shape on a piece of thin cardboard. Place the cardboard template on one half of the cake. Cut around the template with a knife. Flip the template over to create a shoe for the other foot. Place the template on the other half of the cake and cut around it. Ice the cake to resemble a pair of bowling shoes.

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